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Partners Benefits

High Margin on On-Demand Course

Start your online course with very little investment and be the part of On-Demand course market. Earn a high margin on video courses offered by Newtum. Teach student at your institute or college using three-way teaching model. For details, please contact us over here. Get heavy discount and high margin on New Python Online Courses.

Be a Part of Newtum

Newtum is an online portal for providing technical and vocational courses to children, graduates and experienced professionals. Newtum wants that offline institute with Physical Infrastructure take advantage of the latest technologies of webinar and content delivery. With infusion of these technologies Computer Institute, Schools and Colleges can deliver wide range of courses to their respective clients. With Newtum Online Courses Computer Institute and Colleges can train the growing young force and make them Industry ready.

Partners Benefits

Interested in joining the Newtum family? You’ll gain access to a range of benefits, including portfolio improvement, cost savings, and increased profits. We have a wide assortment of courses available, and our research team is hard at work to discover what else our audience wants to see. Our goal is to be an educational institution with the most varied online curriculums in the world.

  • ⦿ Wide Range of Courses :
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    Newtum research team is burning oil to find out the Courses which are in high demand. Newtum team connects with industries and tends to understand their current projects and hiring trend. After in detail research courses are selected and then designed. This process ensures that we have added a Wide range of courses to the Newtum portfolio and same portfolio is offered to institute without any additional investment on faculty and training.

  • ⦿ Start a batch with as little as one student! :
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    We know that you need to at least break even. With Newtum Partners, you can start a batch even if you only have one pupil. With our online webinar system, you can create a course immediately.

  • ⦿ Train children to expand your reach :
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    Many institutions target graduates or working professionals, but Newtum courses are designed to work for kids too. That’s because we always speak in a simple language anyone can understand.

  • ⦿ Industry expert trainers :
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    All Newtum courses are delivered by trained industry veterans who are well-versed in coding and best industry practices. Newtum students are well prepared for the future, thanks to our educators.

  • ⦿ No recurring costs :
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    While AI and Blockchain trainers can cost you anywhere from Rs. 50,000 - Rs. 100,000 a month, Newtum wants to reduce your costs while still delivering best-in-class training.

  • ⦿ Marketing of Our Partners :
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    Newtum marketing team is using every available media like SEO, PPC, Social Media, Digital Media and Paper media to market it’s course to the targeted audience. Newtum display list of all partners in the website. Even if any student enquiries for an offline course at institutes, Newtum points them to the nearest available partner as per the convenience of the student.

  • ⦿ Assistance for High End Setup :
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    Many courses require specific hardware and software to be installed and configured in a particular way. This also required resources with requires expertise like Blockchain Hyperledger requires Linux setup. AI requires setup of Tensor flow. 3D printing requires setting up a machine. Newtum gives all the possible required assistance and technical expertise to its partners.

How It Works

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Why Newtum ?

Newtum vision is to empower the world with the latest technologies with Easy and Industry oriented training. We want to ensure that every individual is well aware of technologies and its so easily presented to him that it’s like learning ABC.

Newtum follows a unique 3 way approach for teaching students with the help of Latest Technology. 3 ways approach consist of a detail video to explain the concept with VFX including iteration for coding. After video our Trainer explains the concept while interacting with the student. In 3rd step we ask question to student to understand the extent of understanding and also help them to solve any technical glitches while executing the program.

Newtum uses latest learning management system and with the help of Screen sharing team solve the difficulty of students in real time.

Commercial Benefits

Newtum offer great commercial benefits to Partners. Partners are given direct commission on the courses enrolled.

This commission slabs increase as the number of enrollment increases. Mostly except few cases commission is not taken from the Partners even if company offers time bound discounts to students.

Apart from commission Newtum offers target based incentives to partner.

Well after all this thing Newtum never ask its partner to invest anything in infrastructure or tutor training. Newtum team suggests best available courses to Partner to start with their existing infrastructure.

Specially for ENGINEERING and Graduation college

More and more students are joining the workforce. But is our Syllabus being updated in comparison to the technological advances. Answer is a clear no.

Newtum wants to bridge the gap between academic syllabus and latest trends of the technology. Academic syllabus is very very important in order to have a deep understanding of the syllabus but equally important is the understanding of latest technology and industrial practice.

Newtum courses which offer an easy way to understand the best industrial practice are provided at very high discounts to the Engineering and Graduation College. Newtum has invested and still investing heavily to create the right content for the students, as a result cost fee is high. But we are offering a heavy discount to college students considering the volume.

Newtum also offers free courses to economically underprivileged college students in every batch depending upon the inputs from the teachers and reports from background check by the Newtum team.