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Best Ever Python Online Course

Python is the talk of the programming world. Million of searches are happening for “Python Online Course”. And there are 1000 reasons for it. Even the Educational Board of India has made this programming lanagague compulsory for school going students.

Let’s see why python is so important, what futures it holds and why everyone is eager to learn and explore it. And most important what’s the best way to learn programming in this difficult time of Covid-19.

Why it’s So important to Learn Python

First of all, Python is a high-level language, which means it’s very similar to English. Since it is similar to English, it’s easy to learn, read, and write. All this improves productivity. You will understand how it improves productivity when you learn it and enters the corporate world.

Python is Open Source and Platform Independent

Python is open source and 100% free. Since it is open-source, many people, in fact, the complete open-source community is helping to build and improve it. As a result, they have an abundant set of libraries which make development very very easy.

One more important feature is, platform-independent, which means the program developed in python can run in Linux, Mac, and Windows.



Usage and Application of Python

You know everyone is talking AI, machine learning, data science, IoT, drones, and many other technologies. Well, let me tell you all these technologies can be programmed using python. I think this should be the biggest reason for you to learn python.

In the very near future, food and goods will be delivered via Drones. This involves a lot of AI and Drone Programming. Python has proven itself in the field of AI programming. And drones are gearing up. So if you don’t want to miss anything and stay ahead in the fast-moving IT worlds, it’s better to quickly start learning python.

Who Should Learn Python Programming

Answer is Every One should learn python. Any one who wants a carrier in IT world learn python programming. And during the time of Covid-19, online python programming course is the best option.

Python Programming for School Students

9th,11th, and 12th Students especially CBSE students should learn python programming. It will help them to prepare for board exams which are very crucial for the future carrier. On another front, it will help them to be ready for engineering and graduation, where python programming is a very important subject.

Apart from preparation, it will help students to prepare the own software solutions using AI and Web development(Using Python) to solve real life problems. Children are much better at giving simplify solution of a complicated problem.

python online


Python Online Course of Graduates and Freshers

Though you have learned a lot in your schools and colleges, that is not good enough in the professional world.

Doesn’t matter, whether you want to for Testing, Business Analyst, Core Software Developer, or Super experience developer with 10 years of experience. Learning Python will help you everywhere.

Testers are given new roles. Along with testing and automation, they are also working on RPA. RPA and Automation involve a lot of AI, OCR, and Machine Learning, which eventually requires great deal of python knowledge.... Read more...

Business analysts can write and give effective solutions to advance problems of AI and Drone if they have a good understanding of python. Hence, the python online course is even suggested for Business Analysts and functional consultants.

Doesn’t matter which field you will enter in Software World, python will always help you.

Python for Expert and Experience Developers

Are you a web or database developer with 10 years of experience ? So what next. It’s time to move to Data Science, Big Data, AI, Machine Learning, Image Processing, and many more.

Or you can even try Drone Programming. That’s in huge demand now a days.

Well Python will help you to enter any of the above area and give you exponential growth. Advance library of Python like NumPy, fuzzywuzzy and seamless integration with Tensorflow helps AI programming super easy.

So if you want to go for any advance technology learn python.


When I can learn python programming

► As explain earlier python is a very high-level language very close to English. It has very little syntax compared to other languages like C, C++, and Java.

► So in python, more focus is on logic instead of syntax and code writing. As a result anyone even children of age 14 years and above can learn python programming.

► So when is not the question, important thing is what you should learn.

► School going students can learn core python. Fresher’s, Graduates should should learn core and advance python

► Experience developers should learn NumPy, web development and advance database handling using python.

► Choose the write thing for you, our python online course offers all the modules required by fresher or highly experience developers. Enroll of the this online course and learn python’s different module in different stages of life.

Why Newtum for Python Online Course

There are many reason to learn python with Newtum.

First of all it contains all the modules that is required to learn python. It includes Core and Advance Python, Oops, Database Handling, UI/Web Development, Graphics and NumPy.

So you don’t have to enroll for 10 different courses, one course is more than good enough throughout your life.

Stay updated with latest version

Another big and important reason. Do you what’s the important thing while working in the IT industry. You have to stay updated. Even python is updating with every new version. Sometimes the changes are very major.

With every new version of Python, you need to learn and update your knowledge. You may even have to enroll for new course or buy new book. But best part with Newtum Python online course is “It’s update with every new version of Python and it’s free to all existing user”. ... Read more...


Logic is simple, enroll one time and get access to learning material of all the new Version free of cost for a lifetime.

Stay updated with latest version of Python


Multiple and tough certification

Certification is the important part of knowledge recognition. Specially when we are discussion python certification.

But python is too vast to be covered in a single certification process. Hence Newtum offers triple certification at 3 level of python programming. This help’s our students to move carrier in the desire direction.

And Newtum’s certification are not just course completion certification. They are much more. After course completion Newtum expert conduct as small online test, followed by a personal interview....Read more

After review the students understanding of programming language, certificates are issue.

Newtum certifications are difficult to get and they is no dump of question available online. You have to watch session, practice well to get the certification for Python Online Course.

What you will earn : Python Online Course – Curriculum

  1. Introduction
  2. Output/input statement
  3. Working on data types
  4. Expression
  5. Math functions
  6. Conditional statements
  7. Loops
  8. Special data type
    1. List
    2. Tuples
    3. Sets
    4. Dictionary
  9. String Functions
  10. User-Defined Functions
  11. User-Defined Functions
  12. Lambda Functions
  13. Recursive Functions
  14. Modules
  1. Classes and Objects
  2. Working with Multiple Objects
  3. Operator Overloading
  4. Inheritance
  5. Thread
  6. Regular Expression
  7. Date Functions
  1. Connection to Database
  2. Creating Database
  3. Creating Table
  4. Select
  5. Insert
  6. Update
  7. Delete
  8. Multi-table queries
  9. Dropping Tables
  1. GUI and Graphics
  2. Window
  3. Canvas
  4. Frame
  5. Label
  6. Button
  7. Entry
  8. Checkbox
  9. Radio Button
  10. Menu
  11. Menu Items
  12. Message
  13. Scrolls
  1. Array
  2. Indexing
  3. Slicing
  4. Data Types
  5. Copy vs View
  6. Array Shapes
  7. Array Reshape
  8. Iteration
  9. Join
  10. Split
  11. Search
  12. Sort
  13. Filter
  14. Random
  15. ufunc
  1. Mean. Mode and Median
  2. Standard Deviation
  3. Percentile
  4. Data Distribution
  5. Normal Data Distribution
  6. Scattered Plot
  7. Linear Regression
  8. Polynomial Regression
  9. Multiple Regression
  10. Scale
  11. Train/Test
  12. Decision Tree
  1. pyplot
  2. plotting
  3. markers
  4. line
  5. subplots
  6. scattered
  7. bars
  8. histogram
  9. piechart
  1. Series
  2. Data Frames
  3. Reading CSV files
  4. Reading JSON
  5. Analysing Data
  6. Cleaning Data
  7. Correlation
  8. Plotting
  1. Introduction HTML , CSS
  2. Introduction to Javascript
  3. Introduction to Bootstrap
  4. Django Introduction
  5. Django Web Server
  6. Django Environment
  7. Hello World
  8. Django Architecture
  9. MVC and MTC n Django
  10. Project in Django. Django Apps
  11. Hyperlink and Views
  12. Running the first app
  13. Views and Templates
  14. Template Inheritance
  15. Data from URL to View
  16. Data from View to Template
  17. Create an App in Django
  18. Create a Model
  19. Fields in Models
  20. Data access in Django
  21. Administration in Django
  22. Adding Users
  23. Data Access using Admin Panel
  24. Permission to Users
  25. Forms in Django
  26. Emailing in Django
  27. Programming Control Structure in Django
  28. Bootstrap
  29. Session and Cookies

Features of Newtum’s Python Online Course


Python Online Course Design by a combination of expert python developer and experience explainer.

3d movie

High-quality VFX animation to help easy understanding, clear explanation and keep the course engaging for even school students.


Triple certification in Python, helping our students to get due recognition in Python Programming.


New Educational content for new Python’s version, Free updates on the latest version of Python for life.


Code explained using the latest IDE and tools, helping students to quickly catch with market demand.


24 * 7 Online chat support for queries.

Benefits of Python Online Course


Learn all the modules of Python in Single Course, everything included from Core Python to database and NumPy.

online lesson

Free Practice Video to understand example for 11th,12th Grade and University Question. Helping to score good marks along with understanding of concepts

Improve logical and reasoning skill with basic and advance examples.


Implants problem solving skills, example included from day to day lives. Encouraging our students to solve bigger problems.

image processing

Integration with advance OCR and Image processing tool included. Giving and direct entry into AI and Image processing world.


Python online course video session’s are designed with many factor of consideration. VFX, understanding, examples all are designed by expert team of Newtum. Session also include examples in academic session.

If you want to see the demo before subscripting to python certification course, then this is section for you.

Episode 4 : Introduction to Data Type and Variable

Episode 8 : User Input in Python Programming

Episode 24 : Maths Function in Python Programming

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How to Get Started

► It’s so simple to start learning . Just register at and find the Python Certification courses in the Courses tab.

► Click on the course and enroll. Well you are good to go.

“Keep learning python and don’t forget to practice as well.”

► After you have completed the course you will receive a call from the support team. Your online exam will be scheduled.

► After that your personal interview will be conducted with the expert and after confirmation from the expert you will get the certificate.

► For multiple certificate you will have to give come before different expert panel of python.

5 min a day to become Python Expert Developer

  1. Learning is always good. Learning improves knowledge and it helps you to grown. There are so many benefits.
  2. But there is small problem , “Learning is also boring”. But not with Newtum’s online course.
  3. Newtum’s session are of just 5 minutes. Each session covers and unique example or topic. And believe me you will happily invest 5 min a day to learn python. 5 minutes small sessions ensures boredom free learning.
  4. Just watch a small session of 5 minutes and then practice well. And we promise you will you will be a great python developer.

Frequently Ask Question about Python Online Course (FAQ)

1. Who can enroll for python online course ?

► Any one who want to learn python programming can enroll for python certification course. If the age of students is less than 14 years , then help from elder may be required to get started.

2. What is requirement for enrolling into this course ?

► There is no requirement if you can understand basic English and have access to laptop you can enroll for the course.

3. Can we get group discount in the pricing ?

► Yes definitely if you are more than 10 students you can always contact us for the personalized discount. If you are associated with schools or colleges we can give higher discount for full college or school enrollment.

4. Is my school/college/university curriculum covered in this python online course ?

► This python covers much much more. All the python required for school and colleges is covered in this course. This course is also helpful to experience developer who want to learn AI and Machine Learning.

5. Does this python online course include machine learning and AI ?

► Nope course doesn’t include Machine learning and AI. But the course introduce you the concepts in python which are required in Machine learning and AI.