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Newtum is an online training academy providing technical education from children to highly experienced professionals. As a brand-new online training academy in the digital age, we help our students (young and old) learn more about technology - whether you’re just a beginner or a blossoming pro! Instead of sitting in conventional classrooms, our students learn through engaging videos and webinars in their own time, at their own pace! No pressure. No nonsense..

We use real-life examples to tech-train our students, promoting easier absorption of information through practical education. Our 3-way training model is easy. Here class starts with a simplified video, students will get more in-depth explanations from industry expert tutors. This is followed by question and answer session During this time, students can grant system access to their tutor to solve tech issues. It’s easy!


For a LIMITED TIME during our launch period, you can access ALL courses for HALF-PRICE, including insight on our BEST-SELLING Blockchain and AI courses. Get admission by registering and booking your assessment today, so we can analyze your Newtum level and recommend the best course for YOU!


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Getting admission is pretty easy, just register to our website and book an assessment. Assessment is very important so that we can understand your current level of understanding and decide the best course for you. Once your course is finalized you can take admission.



Anyone can take the course from 8 Year Kids to Senior Citizen.
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Discover your perfect program in our courses.

Core Python Certification 88% Off
Learn HTML 72% Off
Create Own Cryptocurrency 88% Off
Coding for kids online c programming Live 16% Off
C Programming for kids 76% Off
Java Tutorial 60% Off
C Programming Online 76% Off
Essential Python for Kids Online Live 11% Off
PHP Tutorial 70% Off
Django Tutorial 48% Off
Complete Python for Kids Online Live 13% Off
Complete C++ Programming for Kids 43% Off
Complete python certification course online 70% Off


Newtum is an emerging online academy offering a wide range of high-end technical courses for people of all ages. We offer courses based on the latest demands and future of the IT industry. We also offer traditional courses to help our students meet the required level of understanding.

Our courses are designed and delivered by Industry Experienced Trainers, filling a major gap in vocational courses that we find in our current educational environment. At Newtum, we help people reach their programming dreams. We help you to have an effective career in coding. Our high-end courses will help you stay ahead in time with technological advancements. Learn and improve your skills to stay updated.

Among the traditional courses, we have our foundation online c programming course. This evergreen course is designed for people looking to step into the technical field and want to form a strong base in coding. C programming is a computer understandable language, learning it will be a great help for the beginners to understand computers better.

Among the high-end technical courses, we offer blockchain technology course. The course is designed in a way that covers the basic and advanced concepts of blockchain programming along with the platforms including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, AWS Blockchain, and Blockchain DB. Apart from the blockchain training, we also offer other groundbreaking courses including Artificial Intelligence, 3D Printing, Machine Learning, and more.

Skills do make way for a successful career and here at Newtum, we are committed to helping our students build trending technological skills. We assist you in mastering the high-end technology with our easy to understand online video tutorials. Newtum provides you with the right technical skills to move forward with confidence and stay ahead in the competition. Learn from our expert tutors and take your first step towards being an industry expert.

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Discover your perfect program in our courses.

Thomas O'Sullivan Designer
Sushil Kadu PHP Developer
Torin Falcongreen Designer
Stephen A McNeilly Crypto Expert
Santosh Yadav Student - Core Python Certification

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