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Promote Newtum’s extensive selection of over 15 courses and specializations with customizable banners and text links or your own unique format.



Maximize your earning potential by promoting Newtum products and earning up to *50% commission on eligible purchases made by your users.



Easily track the performance of your Newtum affiliate links with your transparent tracking system.

Newtum Affiliate Benefits

1.Earn High Commissions

Earn substantial commissions ranging from 15% to 50% on eligible purchases made by users who click on a qualified link within 30 days, with the potential for bonuses for outstanding performance.

2. Professional Design

Utilize professionally designed Newtum banners and text links to enhance the appearance of your website.

3. Weekly Updates

Stay informed with weekly newsletters specifically tailored for affiliates.

4. Product Promotion or Affiliate Earnings

Enjoy daily updates to our product merchandiser field, allowing for the most current and relevant products to be promoted

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Courses, Specializations, professional certificates, and Newtum Plus subscriptions.


Yes, if the user makes multiple purchases using your affiliate link.

No, only the first month's transaction will be commissioned.

Yes, you will get commission for all eligible purchases made within the cookie window

*Commission on eligible purchases made via clicking on a qualified link within 30 days of the initial click-through.
*If multiple affiliates refer a sale, credit will be given to the publisher with the last qualified click before the purchase.
*Degrees and Certificate purchases excluded.