Newtum is an online training academy providing technical education from children to highly experience professionals. Courses are presented and designed with real life examples so that even children can understand the technical aspects of Technology very easily.

Newtum uses 3-way training model where a Class starts with a Video, then tutors explain the content of the video and students are given a question answer session. During the question answer session Students can give their system access to the Trainer or support staff to handle any technical queries.


We envision a world where technology is as easy to learn as ABC and 123. The problem lies in the WAY tech is explained to kids and adults. Fancy jargon only results in scrunched-up noses and brain-fog. Our tutors speak in a language YOU can understand, so that you can use the power of technology to change the future. From the Blockchain to Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning (ML), 3D printing, and other groundbreaking technologies in the 21st century, we leave no stone unturned in pursuit of QUALITY education that STICKS!


We train people in the easiest and the fastest way possible, helping adults become better leaders while prepping kids for a future that doesn’t exist yet! We create high-end technical courses that are so simple, even a 5-year-old can feel like Einstein! We’re filling the vocational course gap in a way no-one has thought of before.

Whether you are looking for traditional online courses or the trending high-end courses, we have it all for you. For people looking to start as a novice in the world of programming, our c programming tutorial for beginners is the best choice to have a firm foundation. Our c programming online course will help you with the coding basics and there is nothing better than starting with C language.

Professionals looking for the high-end technical courses, we have Blockchain technology, Artificial Intelligence, 3D printing, Machine Learning (ML), and many more trending technologies to offer. All in all we have everything to cater to everyone’s requirement.


Possibilities of Newtum are limitless. Our only vertical is empowering every one. But our courses vertically are still growing. Till date we are focused on Blockchain, AI, 3D Printing and related technologies.


With Newtum by your side, there are no limits. We’re breaking borders and shattering limits with courses verticals that are ALWAYS expanding. We’re always trying to partner with more and more tech gurus to help YOU take advantage of OUR early bird access to technology! We teach our students about tech that most people don’t even know about yet, while keeping contact with the industry to stay on the pulse of evolving needs and demands.

  • Experienced, Clever Tutors
  • Easy Classes
  • Assessment-Enabled Online Classes


Newtum is aggressively trying to partner with technology owners to give early access to technology so that we are well prepared to train the people.

We are in constant touch with industry to understand their needs and demands and modify the courses accordingly.

The most important thing, we are planning of conducting placements for our students with required qualification. It’s yet to standard but can start any time.