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Python is a well-known programming language today and needs no introduction. It is widely used in different business segments, including data science, machine learning, programming, and web development.

Talking of Web Development Python Provides the Django Platform with many rich features. This Django tutorial helps you get a hold of Django Platform with the certification from IIT Bombay Spoken Tutorial Project.

Talking more about Python, Python is a high-level programming language, which means that it includes words and phrases that are understandable to people. Python uses an interpreter to interpret this high-level language into a language that the machine understands.

There are tons of organizations that leverage Python in one shape or another because of its flexibility, rapid development, scalability, and performance. For example, Python is now one of the three major programming languages leveraged by Google, along with Java and C++.

Now, if you’re thinking of excelling in Python, it’s time to think about picking up a framework. Out of all the known frameworks, Django is a high-level web framework in Python that ensures the rapid development of safe and maintainable websites.

About IIT Bombay Spoken Tutorial Project

Spoken Tutorial Program, IIT Bombay is a part of the National Mission on Education through ICT, Ministry of Education, Govt. of India, to spread IT Literacy all over India.

To learn more about IIT Bombay Spoken Tutorial Project, visit this website

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  • Three Free Attempts: We not only guide you through the course but also offer three attempts for examinations, giving you ample opportunity to succeed.

Learn Python Django Online - Certification By IIT Bombay Spoken Tutorial

If you want to learn Python Django from the ground up without prior programming knowledge, you can take advantage of our Python Django tutorial for beginners. This Python Django tutorial has been created explicitly for complete novices who want to lay the groundwork for their website development careers by learning the Django Framework.

It doesn't matter if you're in high school or your first year of college; if you have a burning desire to learn how to code, this course is perfect for you. You can quickly learn Python Django online with this course at your own pace and time of convenience.

Verifiable Django Tutorial from IIT Bombay Spoken Tutorial Project

The course comes with dual certification from IIT BombaySpoken Tutorial Project. Every certificate has a Unique ID for companies. All the certificates can be verified by the companies on the Spoken Tutorial project website.

The first certificate of participation certificate and doesn't require any exam. The second certificate is a completion certificate awarded after the online exam with a minimum 40% Score.

Once the course is complete and the student is confident about the exam, he can request an online exam. Newtum team will coordinate with the IIT Bombay Spoken Tutorial and schedule the exam. Students can take any number of attempts for the exam. Coordination for the first 5 attempts is free.

Python Django certificate by IIT Bombay Spoken Tutorial can be used to showcase your certificated Python Django skills.

Who Can Take Python Django Tutorial Online Course and Learn Python Django

  • check imageDjango is an excellent choice for beginners and students as it is a mature, well-organized, and well-documented project with a rich community. But while the framework is easy to learn, there are some important prerequisites that you must know before you begin your journey towards mastering Django.
  • check imageTo learn the Django framework, you will need to be aware of at least the basics of Python, including variables, exception handling, data types, control flow, and classes and functions. Moreover, you’ll also need to know how to install packages with pip and run simple commands on the command line.
  • check imageThis course is suitable for any UG/PG CSE/IT/CS students or professionals with working knowledge/ experience of programming languages like Python, Java, etc. Moreover, it is ideal for every professional who understands statistics, linear algebra, and calculus.

Features Of Python Django Tutorial

  • check imageThe Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (IIT Bombay) has designed the certificate program in Django Python to upskill and train both professionals and beginners in the world’s most in-demand Python web application framework
  • check imageThe Django tutorial will clarify the fundamentals of the framework for all participants for automation, better decision-making, and competitive advantage.
  • check imageThe video course uses a side-by-side methodology that enables students to learn and practice simultaneously. This means that students get equal exposure to theory and practical sessions.
  • check imageThis video course was created in association with IIT Bombay Spoken Tutorial Program and has been designed and taught by leading IIT Bombay professionals and other industry specialists.

Who Can Take Python Django Tutorial Online Course and Learn Python Django

Joining this video tutorial in Django will be beneficial if you:

  • Give a shape to your ideas in the form of Web Interface using Django's rapid development framework.
  • Build a career in Web Development for AI-enabled applications.
  • Develop your application quickly using the Django platform without having to code from scratch.

why you should learn Python Django

  • Django is built with Python, which means that it inherits a lot of advantages of the programming language. So learning Django is pretty simple if you know the basics of Python.
  • This framework is portable, implying you can run code on any operating system, including Linux, Mac, Windows, etc. This nature of Django enables developers to support all the development and production environments.
  • Django is a free and open-source framework supported by a huge community of developers. The code is available on GitHub, which always remains up-to-date by the developers who use it. These developers also introduce new libraries now and then, which are used to solve coding-related issues that the community faces while developing a project.
  • This framework is popular for “batteries included”, which means you can find everything you need to build a fully-featured application. The batteries include HTTP libraries, model layers, HTML templates, URL routing, template engine, ORM, view layers, authentication, cross-platform support, etc.
  • One of the key benefits of using Django is that you can develop an application at a faster speed and launch it without compromising the security of the application.
  • Django is scalable and reliable, which is another reason it is used across industries.

Why Should You Use Newtum to Learn Python Django Tutorial?

  1. The Newtum Video Session was created by Python developers and educators with extensive experience.
  2. Students are entitled to free practice sessions and practice materials for the rest of their lives.
  3. Django is a Python-based free and open-source web framework. Now and again, the Python Django Community releases new versions of Python Django. You must keep up with the times. This applies to each programming language.
  4. The use of high-quality visual effects ensures that the concept is free, simple, and easy to comprehend

More About Python Django

Django is a powerful Python web application framework to help developers rapidly create secure, scalable web applications. It is an excellent choice for beginners as it is a mature, well-organized project with a wonderful community.

Usage and Application Of Python Django

  • Document management systems
  • Content management systems (CMS)
  • Websites for dealing with legal issues such as lease status or authenticating mortgage conditions
  • Social networking platforms and bookmarking sites that enable communication
  • E-commerce and retail platforms
  • Financial websites that allow you to calculate results based on risk tolerance, personal information, etc.
  • iOS and Android apps that provide support for web applications
  • Custom CRM systems for internal data

More About Python Django

Once you’ve completed the Django tutorial course, you’ll need to give an online exam on the IIT Bombay portal. Upon successfully clearing the exam, you’ll have earned a certificate of completion.

The authorized signatory of IIT Bombay will sign this certificate. The authenticity of this certification program can be verified from the official website of IIT Bombay.

Getting started with Django
Creating Django Models
How to use Django Admin app
Creating Views and Designing URLs
Create HTML template in Django
Django Shell and Django Database Query
Creating Forms in Django
Using CSS and JavaScript in Django
Django Authentication
Testing in Django

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Course rating
₹ 1299 ₹ 2499
48% Off
2 days left at this price!

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