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Python Programming for Kids

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Python For Kids – A New Normal Of The Future World

Teaching programming to kids is the new normal. But why only Python for kids is so important. Even the Government of India has taken a huge step in this direction. Our government has introduced python programming in class 9th, 11, and 12th from year 2022-2023.

But again I think it’s too late. Python programming in graduation (BSC, BCA) and engineering was introduced too late, almost by 10+ Years.

Similarly, python programming for students of grades 9,11 and 12th is again too late. The government has certain constraints, they have to consider many factors before making a decision.

Well, at least you have limited things to worry about, I mean compare to government. And hence you can start training your kids for python programming at a much early age. Let’s discuss and understand why python for kids is the most important thing.

If you are not a python developer or if you have no relation to programming then this section is for you. You should understand What exactly this python is ?

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What is Python ?

“Python is an interpreted high-level object-oriented programming language specially designed for very rapid application development. Python has very simple and easy to use syntax, making it very development-friendly ”

► It’s not necessary to understand the Python definition, but few terms in the Python definition ensure that kids can learn python programming at a very early age.

Just look at the important terms.

1st Term : Python is High Level Language

  • Low-level language means very easy for computers to understand and execute programming. High-level language means developers, users, kids who are using it can understand it very easily.
  • So, when you learn python you don’t have to focus too much on understanding the special words. Many functions of core python are very English friendly compare to other programming languages like C, C++ and C#. This function/special keywords can be easily understood by there name.
  • Kids using python focus much on developing and understanding logic. Kids don’t have to focus on remembering complex keywords and function.
  • This high level feature of python make it very friendly even for the kids.

2nd Term : Python has simple and easy to use syntax

  • Ask any programmer, the worst thing in programming is syntax. Too many syntaxes consume too much time. Apart from building logic programmers have to focus on syntax.
  • Many other programming languages gives lot of headache to developers . Even if a small command or semi colon is missing , programs start's giving too many errors. And many a times programmers have to spend hours just to find that small mistake in comma or semicolon.
  • Well python do have syntax, but they are simple and very easy to use. At-least they don’t have command.
  • When we teach programming to kids, we can’t burden them syntax. It will be almost impossible for kids to debug the program if the syntax is too complicated. But python syntax is very very easy even for the kids.
  • Hence, simple syntax make python an ideal language for kids.

Why Python Programming for Kids?

In the last section, we have seen what is python and which properties of python makes it kids friendly.

In this section, we will see, why it’s must for your kids to learn python programming.

Kids Should Understand AI, IOT and Drones

Our cars use AI to detect the fatigue level of Drivers. Amazon Alexa performs tasks on our voice commands.

And our future smart homes can be managed from home. And also very soon our favorite food will be delivered by Drones.

What is the core of the AI-powered car? IOT operated smart homes. And highly skilled drones. It’s nothing but Python.

If your kids know Python Programming, then he will easily Your kids will understand the basics of AI and Machine Learning using Python. In fact, he will solve real-life problems using AI and Machine Learning, provided he knows Python.

In-short , I wanted to say if you can teach your kids Python , it will prepare him for future. He will be ready for the future demands and can solve many real problems.

Don’t forget he can even have his own startup. Having startup is of zero importance. More important is he has the strong foundation of programming and understand the concept very well.

So please don’t rush. Let your kid learn python programming at his own speed.


Concept Foundation - Using Python For Kids

Whatever the programming language you know, they revolve around the core basic concepts.

These concepts include Variables, Constant, if and else, loops, data types, and Oops. After learning this concept, your kid can easily adapt to any other programming language. Only synaxis different.

This concept can be well explained using high-level python programming language.

Here, I don’t want to make C Programming and Java enemies. But please try to understand, Python has the most simple syntax and students don’t have to bother about the semicolon, placeholder every now and then.

Kids while learning python can focus more on learning the concepts. They will have a strong foundation in programming concepts.

Improving Logical and Reasoning skills using Python

Programming is all about solving real-life problems. Let’s not talk about big problems.

Look at the most basic, the simplest example of programming i.e addition of two numbers.

When trainers discuss this program with students, they ask questions. Question like,” So, we have to add two numbers, what we will need ?”

And students answers, “We need two numbers”. Then teachers ask, whats next.

Students again says, we will add that numbers using addition (+).

And finally result is display. This problem and then solution method of understanding implants logical and reasoning skill in Kids.

Hence it is said that, programming improves logical and reasoning skill of the students.

Lets look at the python program to add two numbers,

  1. a = int(input())
  2. b = int(input())
  3. c = a + b
  4. print(c)

In the above program, Input is a very common English term and print is also a very common term.

This program takes two inputs a and b and gives the output in the variable c. Here kids will not have to focus on complicated syntax. He will focus on the logical solution to the problem. The syntax is too simple.

Simple syntax English friendly functions name, helps kids focus on logic and improve logical and reasoning skills.

When to Teach Python programming to Kids

Well, I think now you know what is python and why it’s important to kids. At-least from a parent perspective.

But parents have another question. Many of them have lots of questions and confusion.

Parents have confusion like Can my child learn ? or they may think he/she is too young. They may even doubt whether it’s the right time? or after some time will start thinking, whether python is required or not.

Lets clear the doubt and get a clear picture !


1. Can my child learn python programming?

Actually not a right question to ask. Programming language is nothing but any other language that we speak. Only different is former is best understood by the computer.

So if you child can speak Hindi, English, Tamil, German, Japanese etc, he can definitely learn programming language.

With proper instruction ,detailed attention and exercise of logic building any child can learn programming language.

If you can manage it, have a 1:1 live session with the trainer. 1:1 live will have single focus attention of trainer on the kid.

2. Is the right time or right age to learn Python Programming

The answer is 100% yes. In-fact the young age of 9-14 is the best to learn at-least basic of programming.

If you don’t agree, there is a simple way and it’s 100% free. They are many online portals that offer free coding to the kids. Choose one of them. Everyone offers a free demo.

Click here to to get Free Demo of Newtum Live 1:1 training

With the help of demo, you will answers to two important question.

  1. Whether your kid is interested in python programming
  2. Whether he/she understands programming or not.

Once the above questions are answered, I am sure you will able to take the right decision.

Don’t wait, otherwise it will become too late. Start teaching programming to kids very early.


1. Video course is not an option for Kids

If you really want to teach concepts and logical reasoning video course are of no use.

Kids have a question that needs to be answered. Another important thing kids to engage with programming. They should start loving it. Then only they will find it’s interesting and get the full benefit of learning programming.

Video course is good for graduation or professionals who wants to get Job, execute a project, or get a promotion. But for kids, they should enjoy the programming and learn the concept.

So doesn’t matter how much fancy are the videos and how much innovative they are and how much cheap this course are.They can’t take the position of live instructor.

If you still want to go with videos , first watch the video and then train the kids. This could be a way around to use video course if you have ample time.


2. Don’t choose an expert programmer, choose a good teacher


While searching for good courses, I found many courses which make very very tall claims.

Like an IITian teacher or teacher from Harvard university etc. But being a great programmer doesn’t make him a great teacher or trainer.

Your kid needs teachers who is well versed with the very basic concept of programming and know how to explain that in a very fun and easy way.

Expert programmer may have great expertise , they are very well updated with latest tool and technologies. But when it comes to explaining very basic concepts they lag behind.

They can teach your kids how to create an app in a month but they can explain the every code and reason behind a writing that code to the kids level.

So best way will be to to select an experience teacher who teach python programming to your kid in fun and easy way.

3. Exercises / Tests must while you teach python to kids

While discussing programming with parents during counseling, they said it will be a burden with exams. And another thing they have so much homework and self-study, especially during this time of Covid-19.

But without exercise and test, it’s almost impossible to understand whether the kids understood the concept or not. What’s need to thought again and how he will understand.

Even if you are teaching at home , please take test regularly. If they do well don’t forget to award them with something good. Even a chocolate will do.


4. Examples: Come down to kids level


When we were thought programming in colleges we have big terms. Like Bubble sort algorithm, binary search algorithm, etc. We even had concepts like stacks, quees, structures etc.

Well, we can teach them the above concept but not now. For kids, you need to create very basic and simple examples. Something that they have learned in schools and now they want to computerize it.

Like if they are 4-6th grade execute examples like addition of two numbers , printing a mulitplication table etc.

For kids of 7-9 grade include example to calculate speed , area of circle etc.

If you look at the syllabus of your kid, you will have pretty good understanding of examples to be included while teaching python programming to kids.

But whatever example you choose come down to the level of kid. A good trainer or consultation with his school teacher might help you.

5. Compiler: Prefer online tool

Now, this is my favorite thing. Why burden kids with the installation with some online options are available. Lots of tools are required while doing programming. The tool includes Code Editor, Code Compiler and debugger, etc.

All these tools combine are refereed ar Integrated Development Environment(IDE).

Many times even senior programmers get stuck and they find it very difficult to install IDE.

To prevent kids from-the unnecessary installation burden we have online options. There are many free compilers available like Python Compiler or C Compiler etc.

Use compiler any where any time online. No installation required.


6. Avoid complicated Concepts in python for kids.

We want everything for our kids. But don’t messup when it’s come to teaching python programming to kids.

Python is a big language having a lot of simple to complicated concepts. The programmer used python for a web applications, AI, IoT.

But while teaching programming to kids many of this concepts are not required. These will make python programming too complicated for them and they may avoid learning python programming.

To handle this we recommend avoding few concepts and must include certain concept while teaching progamming to kids.

Here is the list:

Must require concept while teaching Python programming to kids

Algorithm, Input/output, If and else, Loops, String, Math Functions

Avoid below concepts while teaching python programming to kids (Age 8-12 Years)

Tuples, Set, Dictionary, File Operations, NumPy

Well above points are just recommendation. If you think that you kids can learn everything. Please go ahead.

7. Never pressurize to create App just ask your kid to learn

You want fame for your kids, try other options. But please don’t pressurize him to create an App and solve some big problems.

Well, there are few kids who have created an app at a very early stage but that’s 1 in a million cases.

Programming is the need of the day. It’s the same as learning Math, physics, and chemistry. Once he learns coding he may or may not create an app. But at least he will prepare for the future world of computers.

Forcing or expecting him to create will focus his attention in direction. Even you may lose interest in teaching him/her python programming.

For now, it’s good for you as a parent to focus on the learning of your kids. Don’t expect too much.


8. Don’t give the big dreams of Startup, Google, Facebook, etc.


Dreaming and having a aim is always good. It gives direction and you move in that direction.

But your kids needs his childhood memories to learn and play. But to to be very honest it’s not possible for 99.99% of the parent to answer this question

"How to create a company like Facebook and google ??"

So it’s better you and your kid should focus on learning and leave everything else.

If creating a big startup is so easy, then you wouldn’t be reading this blog. You might be a billionaire and you will be having 10 dedicated teachers to take care of your kid’s education.

So again I am telling focus on teaching python programming to kids and leave rest on the time.

9. Understand the kid’s problems and help him/her to solve them. A simpler One

You may have big problems. Like buying a house, Buying a car, or changing a job. There are many such things.

And you may also thing that you kid on’t have any problems. This is totally wrong.

You kids have it’s own problem. Like getting attention of teachers, impressing Friends. He may also want to finish the homework quickly.

You kid may also some other complicated problems. Like how to solve equation, how to confirm that table of mulitplcaiton of 19 is right ?

Well not all, but few of the problems can be solve using programming. Give your kid the tool of python programming. And I am sure he will figure out his problem as well as the solution using programming.

Benefits of Teaching Python Programming to Kids

Well there are many benefits of Teaching Python programming to kids.

Here are few summarise list, that I think is good enough to motivate you. And you will definitely start training your kids for Python Programming.


Improve Logical and reasoning skills


Implants problem-solving skills


Understand the working of computers


Understand the basic concepts like if and else, loop, variables. These concepts are the base of every programming language.


Python programming for kids will prepare them for future highly used technologies like AI, IoT, Blockchain, etc.

Features of Python Programming Course for Kids by Newtum

  1. 1:1 live session with experienced teachers. Each teacher has a minimum of 10 years of experience
  2. A very small session of just 30 minutes, ensure that kids don’t feel boredom and they enjoy learning.
  3. At Newtum, we are focus on clearing the important concept of programming. Nothing is fancy over here, like creating an app or becoming a software developer.
  4. A batch of just 1 student ensures every detail attention.
  5. Higher experience of teachers ensures that they understand the question and queries very well. Even if your kid is hesitating to ask a question our teachers will encourage them and give confidence.
  6. Regular test and home exercise is the strong point of Newtum. The regular test helps the teacher to understand kids’ doubts in python programming. So teacher can focus on these doubts in the coming sessions.
  7. Flexible batches as per the convenience of your kids are arranged. This won’t affect their existing classes and routine.
  8. Certification: Upon successful completion certificate signed by Tutor and Newtum Director will give credibility to the knowledge your kid have for python programming.

Course Options for python programming

Python programming course structure has to be highly customized especially for kids.

After deep research , Newtum team has created Python programming for kids in two stages.

  1. Very Basic Python for Kids
  2. Complete Python for Kids

Very Basic Python for Kids (8-12 Years)

Very Basic Python is good for kids having no knowledge of programming and it’s their first class.

Basic concept of programming are explained in easy way including only basic topics. Which are easy to understand and will create interest of programming among kids.

As said earlier first teach the simple topics. Avoid complicated concepts. Once the interest is created, then the kid will go for complete training.

Get a Free Demo for Very Basic Python for Kids.

Click here for complete syllabus of Very Basic Python for Kids.

Complete Python for Kids (8-16 Years)

Very Basic Python is good but to get full understanding of the course even advance concept of core python are must.

Complete python course for kids covers all the concept.But the examples are still simple and specially design for kids.

Even the exercise especially designs for kids. It improves their problem-solving skills.

Get a Free Demo for Complete Python for Kids.

Click here for complete syllabus of Complete Python for Kids

Curriculum for Python for Kids

Please refer this two tabs. First tab contains python syllabus for very basic python for kids.

The second tab contains the syllabus for Complete python for kids. If you are a developer you know the difference and understand the importance of its separation.

But please go through them in detail and figure out the best thing for your kids. It doesn’t matter whether you are teaching him or you are appointing a dedicated teacher.

Including below syllabus is a must if you want to make Python meaningful for you kid.

Conclusion - Will you teach Python to your Kids ?

I know there are many things will be coming to your mind if you have read the blog compleltely.

There are many “if and buts” , but believe me programming is must for you. If your kids understand how to play mobile games , YouTube , then I am 101% sure he can understand programming.

But there are many resource constants as well. Especially during times of Covid-19 when the economy is doing down. Many are having salary cuts and businesses are down.

Appointing a dedicated teacher may not be a options for many.

But I think you can find a way out. If you have enough time, read books, and watch videos and teach your kids programming.

We will be posting dedicated videos that will help you to teach programming to your kids. But that’s gonna take some time. You can subscribe to our channel Click Here.

When we launch video to teach python programming to kids , you will be notified.

Again all the thanks to you for reading the content. I hope it’s was useful for you.