Is the Current Education preparing your child to compete for Jobs with AI and Robots ?

Do you know - You can teach programming to kids from Home ?

Well You don't have to be a Programmer !!!

What you want your child to become

► A Developer or
► Engineer In A Company or
► An Employee or
► The Founder Of The Company

Enroll a Course

Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry are not Just Good Enough in 2030?


► Yes, your child can become the next founder of Company Like Ola, PayTM, Amazon, Facebook or Twitter. Just spend 10 minutes daily with him.

► Buy the course and watch 10 minutes daily with him and help him get started rest we got covered with our awesome self-explanatory video content.

► And do quiz him every now and thew with our quizzers, to understand how much he learned about C Programming .


► You need to start to teach computer and programming the way you teach them A, B, C, D. It's the need of the time.

► This Course of C Programming for Kids will help you to start.

► Have a quick look at the trailer of our course

Benefits of Our C Programming Course for Children

► Improves Logical and Reasoning Skills of Children by 50% to 79%

► Help them understand very basic of Programming

► Prepare them for future and many advance courses

► Courses designed using latest VFX tools to give detail and a basic understanding of Programming

► Access at any time. Access anywhere.

► Support - Free Support ask any queries during office hours. We are available.

How to Use this Course for the Benefit of your child

► Off course the first step will be to subscribe to the course. Hey if you are in the US or UK, you can watch this for free at Amazon Prime here is the link
UK : and USA :

► Pick an episode daily. If you are finding it difficult divide an episode for two days.

► Watch the plan video with your kid and help him to practice C Programming Just 10 Minutes a day that's all.

► If you are done with this come back to us for more videos we will give some free.

► If you find any queries that you are unable to answer then please refer to our support we will be happy to help you.

C Programming is So Important for Kids

We If they can learn so many things about computers, mobile apps, websites, then why can’t they learn to code?

Well, we think coding for kids is of the same importance as learning maths, English or grammar.

Even if your kids don’t become a mathematician or English teacher still you teach them, it's been going on everywhere. Because it's required in day to day life.

In a similar fashion, you need to teach coding to your kids, school and college-going students no matter what they are studying.

Because in the very near future it's going to be a part of the day to day life. We can even say it has already happened.

Question and Answers

    I work as an account. I am not a Programmer. I don’t know C Programming. I can’t help my children queries

  • ► Don’t worry. We have it covered.We will provide free support for 1 Month. To answer all your queries. If you face any major technical glitch we have screen control option. We will resolve your queries .

  • What I Need to undertake this course for m children?

  • ► You need to computer desktop or laptop. So that you can install the requisite software and run the C Programming codes

  • Why C Programming why not advance courses

  • ► Consult any person in your circle and ask him about the C Programming. It’s one of the most basic programming and most popular language. Without this you won’t be able to learn any other programming language.

  • Can I download the course

  • ► No all the course are on demand and cannot be downloaded