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Blockchain Programming - Course Description

Blockchain Training Course : Newtum's Blockchain online courses help trainee to get in-depth knowledge about the Blockchain Programming and assist to become a master in technology with in the short time. Training will be offered to let the trainees know about the driving force that works behind the Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. During the training period, all these trainees will learn about the benefits of Blockchain technology, structure, and mechanism. Also, designing and deploying in the real-world apps will be taught in the Blockchain certification training.

Courses & support available from December 2019

What trainees will learn in this Blockchain Technology course?

  1. Learn basic to advanced level Blockchain technology and Bitcoin cryptocurrency
  2. Understand the concepts and relevance of Blockchain
  3. Come to know about the Blockchain network
  4. Introduction to Bitcoin mining, and structures of Bitcoin
  5. Real-time training will be offered to show transactions using Blockchain
  6. Start to smart contracts
  7. Training will be offered to let trainee knows the languages used in Blockchain contract
  8. Deployment and transactions on the Blockchain node
  9. Hyperledger Fabric Tutorial for Enterprise Blockchain Applications
  10. Training will be offered to let trainee knows the languages used in Blickchain contract
  11. Deployment and transactions on the Blockchain node
  12. AWS Blockchain Tutorial to Deploy and Scale Blockchain applications easily
  13. Train you to work on real-world Blockchain applications and projects.

What is Blockchain Technology?

Learn from the basics and what blockchain technology is with us. We have covered each and every fundamental of the technology in out curriculum. Starting from the introduction to bitcoin to the understanding of Hyperledger fabric and AWS blockchain, we have covered it all in our Blockchain Course

Who can Enroll for Blockchain Training course?

Anybody who has the interest to upgrade their career and learn the Blockchain programming can enroll for this Blockchain Developer course.



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