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C Programming for kids - Course Description

C Programming online courses for kids gives a basic understanding of the C Programming concepts to kids in a fun and easy way.

If your kid is interested in programming, game development or any other subject of Computers , C Programming for kids is the must-learn the language. It is like A, B, C of Programming. Concepts like Variables, Operators, If and else conditions, Loops are best to explain in C Programming. These concepts are the foundation of any programming language like Java, Python C++, .Net. If this concept is mastered any kid can set the right path to become the full stack developer in the future.

Considering the importance of C Programming, the Newtum team has designed this video course for children called ”C Programming for kids” and give them an introduction to programming world and explain to them the very basics of programming in a fun and easy way.

What are the Options with Newtum?

We are Newtum provide you to teach C Programming in two ways

  1. Video Tutorial (Click on Enroll Now)
  2. Live Training(Click here for Live Lesson 1:1 One on One)


What your kid will learn from C Programming for kids?

  1. Basic of Programming
  2. How to write a simple program and execute them
  3. Understand Variables and Operators
  4. Understand Conditional Statements
  5. Understand Loops and it’s algorithm uses
  6. Complex real-life problem and it’s the solution

How to take this course?

  1. It’s a video course provided by Newtum, it involves parents and children alike
  2. The expert support team of Newtum ensures that you have not stuck anywhere at any time.
  3. Just log in to the website, watch each episode with your child daily
  4. Help him with basic installation from the instruction of video
  5. Help him with any error he faces or contact our Support Team to help you out

Who can take this course

  1. Any kid with age of 8-18 years can take the course of C Programming for kids
  2. For 8-15 years kid we recommend support from the parents who can help them with basic installation



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1:1 Live Session

Core Concepts in-depth understanding

Detail attention

Highly Experienced Teacher

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