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Complete C++ Programming for Kids - Course Description

C++ Programming for Kids specially designed to create an in-depth understanding of Oops and structure programming in kids.

Oops, understanding helps kids to create real-life applications and also understand the reusability of code in an efficient manner.

Kids who understand Oops can easily grasp advanced programming languages like Java, C# with ease. Since all these languages are based on Oops.

The Newtum team has designed the course considering all the real-life challenges that are faced while teaching coding to kids.

With these courses, kids will understand the important concepts of Oops like inheritance, encapsulation, abstract classes, classes, objects, etc.

Who can take this Course

  1. Any kid of the age ground 12-17 should take this course.
  2. Anyone with zero knowledge of programming can take this course. As a result, these courses for kids can be taken by anyone.
  3. An individual or kids who are planning to learn advanced programming concepts should take this course first.

Benefits of C++ Programming for Kids

  1. C++ programming is required to build advanced system-level applications and compilers. And very few developers get the chance to work on that. If your kid learns he could be a system developer. It's 1000 times better than an App Developer or web developer.
  2. Improve Logical and reasoning skills
  3. Great to improve problem-solving skills of the children
  4. Working of computer can be best understood if you are a C++ Developer
  5. Understand the basic concepts like if and else, loop, variables. These concepts are the base of every programming language.
  6. After learning C++, kids can understand how to build packages in Linux and how to resolve the issues.
  7. Only C++ developers can contribute to the growing community of Bitcoin and Litecoin. C++ is required to develop application like Bitcoin and Litecoin

Why Newtum for C++ Programming for Kids

  1. Best every student to Teacher Ratio in the World - One Teacher One Student (1:1)
  2. Especially design course content for kids, learning with Newtum is easy and fun.
  3. Experience IT Faculty Trained Exclusively trained for Training Kids.

Where is these C++  programming  for Kids Course available

Mode of delivery is online , hence any kid from any part of the world can take this course.

But we support the English language with the USA and UK ascent. We have trained our teachers to understand the ascent of the UK and the USA.

And we also have trainers for regional languages of India like Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, etc.


Apart from the course, we need a certificate to prove the knowledge on a particular topic.

Newtum is well aware of the needs of market conditions. After the course and in between our faculty members takes continuous test. These ensure that kid is learning and understanding every concept being thought.

The trainer ensures that the kids are well versed with the programming and only then a programming language certificate is issued. The certificate will have the signature of the Teacher and the Coordinator from the Newtum team. Giving more credibility if you want to apply anywhere



Key Features

Live Courses

1:1 Live Session

Core Concepts in-depth understanding

Detail attention

Highly Experienced Teacher

Regular Test

Flexible Batches

Online Support

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