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Complete python certification course online - Course Description

Present and Future, doesn't matter we need to learn to python. Python is being used to develop traditional web and database application along with advance futuristic AI and  Machine learning application. With so many usages and applications, the demand of python developer is rising. Hence Python Certification Course is a must of every aspiring software developer and students.

Enroll the course now and get exciting python learning contents for next 6 months accessible for lifetime.

Unique - Python Certification Course Online

Certification course for any programming language is the best way to get the recognition and prove knowledge. 

Major Problems with Current Certifications

  1. Just a course completion certificate is not good enough.
  2. Extensive usage and concepts in python require multiple certifications to get recognition.
  3. Most online certification courses offer certificate using the online test, where dumps are easily available.

All certification problem-solve with Newtum Python Certification Course

Newtum provides certification after a personal interview and making sure that student has adequate knowledge in python programming. 

And Newtum provide 3 certificates to after personal interview to cater different demand of industry. After completing the course and getting the required certificates , student can use them to get Job and admission to higher courses.

And no dumps are available for the personal interview.

Why Newtum for Learning Python

Experience team of Python Developer and teachers have design the Newtum Video Session.

To ensure boredom free learning each session of python is of max five(5) minutes.

.And also students gets free practice session and practice material  for lifetime.

Python is an open-source project. Big python Community is updating python is every now and then. And you need to stay updated. Well this is true for every programming language.

High quality VFX usage ensures free easy and deep understanding to the concept.

Stay Update with New Version of Python

But Python release major updates every few years. Like we see major updates of 2.7 and 3.6. In major updates many things are changes. 

Developers have to spend lot of time to understand the changes and learn them.

But if you enroll Newtum's python certification course, you don't have to worry about anything. Newtum provides free session with every major update of Python. And these free updates will be provided for a lifetime.

It's like getting the new book with every new version.

Features for Python Certification Course

  1. Python Online Course Design by a combination of expert python developer and experience explainer.
  2. High-quality VFX animation to help easy understanding, clear explanation and keep the course engaging for even school students.
  3. Triple certification in Python, helping our students to get due recognition in Python Programming.
  4. New Educational content for new Python's version, Free updates on the latest version of Python for life.
  5. Code explained using the latest IDE and tools, helping students to quickly catch with market demand.
  6. 24 * 7 Online chat support for queries

Benefits Python Certification Course

  1. Learn all the modules of Python in Single Course, everything included from Core Python to database and NumPy.
  2. Free Practice Video to understand example for 11th,12th Grade and University Question. Helping to score good marks along with an understanding of concepts
  3. Improve logical and reasoning skill with basic and advance examples.
  4. Implants problem-solving skills, example included from day to day lives. Encouraging our students to solve bigger problems.
  5. Integration with advance OCR and Image processing tool included. Giving and direct entry into AI and Image processing world.



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