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Complete Python for Kids Online Live - Course Description

Teaching programming to kids is as important as teaching Math, Physics, or even English. And since Python is used in all futuristics applications (AI, IoT, ML), it is the best choice to use to teach Python to Kids Online.

50 Session covered in 3.5 Months by Expert 1:1 Python Trainer.

Who can take this course for Python for Kids

  1. Any kid of the age ground 8-14 should take this course.
  2. Since the code is designed for kids, anyone who have zero knowledge of programming can take this course
  3. This course can also be taken by students in 9th, 10th,11th, 12th-grade students where python is part of the school curriculum

Why Choose Newtum for Teaching python to Kids Online

  1. Best every student to Teacher Ratio in the World - One Teacher One Student (1:1)
  2. Especially design course content for kids, learning with Newtum is easy and fun.
  3. Experience IT Faculty Trained Exclusively trained for Training Kids.

Benefits of Learning Python ?

  1. Improve Logical and reasoning skills
  2. Great to improve problem-solving skills of the children
  3. Working of computer can be best understood if you are python programming
  4. Understand the basic concepts like if and else, loop, variables. These concepts are the base of every programming language.
  5. Python programming for kids will prepare them for future highly used technologies like AI, IoT, Blockchain, etc.



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