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Create Own Cryptocurrency Live - Course Description

Before you read further please make a note, when we speak of "Create Own Cryptocurrency Online", we are not asking him to be a developer in a day.

7-10 Sessions covered in 1 Months by Expert 1 : 1

(1 Teacher : 1 Student)

We are talking of teaching highly demanded latest technology course i.e. Cryptocurrency development with expert teacher.


Why Create own Cryptocurrency live ?

Blockchain is a revolution just like the internet. In the very near future, Blockchain will change the way we use the internet and access the information. But what's the first application of Blockchain, it's nothing but Bitcoin our first Cryptocurrency.

Creating own cryptocurrency will help you to understand the basics of blockchain and also the important components of Blockchain applications.

Well is our primary purpose of launching this course. Many big companies like Facebook preparing for their own cryptocurrency. Many countries are developing their cryptocurrency to reduce printing costs.

In short, if you have already an existing business like a Hotel chain, Travel Industry you can expand the business globally using cryptocurrency. If you have a great business idea you can fund that using cryptocurrency as digital assets instead of bonds and shares.

If you know how to create a cryptocurrency you can attract good packages or a high paying freelancing project.


Benefits of Learning Create Own Cryptocurrency

  1. You will be able to create your own mine-able cryptocurrency with own symbol and logo.
  2. You will be able to create your own desktop wallet of cryptocurrency explorer. 
  3. Live lessons are much better and more interactive than video courses.
  4. Students also get first-hand practical experience under the experienced guidance because of practicals in the lessons.  
  5. Practical experience of our IT Faculty ensures that student learn the standard from day 1


Who can take the course?

  1. Anyone can take the course who has basic knowledge of Server and Programming concepts.
  2. Student should have a window or mac operating system.
  3. Student should have decent internet connection.
  4. Headphone and WebCam is a must for smooth functioning.
  5. As of now, we support English, Hindi, Marathi Langauge. If any other language, we won't be helpful.


Where is this Create Own Cryptocurrency live Course Available?

This course is available entire world provided student understand a normal English. Time zone is not an issues since have number of teachers working in multiple shift.

To be specific English speaking countries like the United States (USA), United Kingdom (UK), Canada will not be a problem. They will not have any problem understanding our live lessons of Create own Cryptocurrency.

But it could be difficult for countries to have a different language like Japan, Germany.

For regional languages especially for India like you want more simple language like Marathi, Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati then we are the best option for you.




Key Features

Live Courses

1:1 Live Session

Core Concepts in-depth understanding

Detail attention

Highly Experienced Teacher

Regular Test

Flexible Batches

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