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Professional Pricing

Professional Pricing

Course content are same for Regular batches and batches for children and Even For Professionals.

But professionals already have the experience with computers , they just need the guidance to get to the point. Our self explanatory videos are their best guides.

Newtum is an online training academy providing technical education from children to highly experienced professional . Courses are presented and design with real life examples so that even children can understand the technical aspects of Technology very easily.

◉ Real Life and Live Examples

Graduate and Professional will be joining a job or getting a new role once the course is complete. So they needs to implement the learning in few days or week. Newtum wants them to be ready and when our students get an assignment they will in a much better position compare to others.

Newton's trainer are experienced people who have invested good enough time in industry which helps them to understand the industry requirement. They are well aware of real life projects. Newtum teams understand the importance of Functional knowledge apart from technical knowledge.

Keeping in mind the need of industry needs Newtum team has design the courses considering real life examples to infuse technical and functional knowledge in training.

◉ Industry Standard Practices

Book knowledge is great and it's excellent for clearing the concepts.When when it comes to coding standard like comments , variable name , documentation format book knowledge is just not enough.

Coding standard are brought in industry after lot of learning from existing mistake and defining coding standard requires lot of coding work in long term project. Newtum trainers are well experienced and this give them the edge while coding and training as well.

While explanation and giving coding example Newtum trainers ensure that even the smallest example is executed with details comments and best industry standard is being follwed while coding

◉ Fast Delivery

Graduate Students and Professional can’t wait till year for the course to get completed.

So course for Students and working professional are designed keeping the need of time in mind. Though the courses are shortened Newtum team ensures that no details are missed out.

Fast Delivery is mainly achieved by increasing the frequency of classes per week. Before joining the fast course a student assessment is done .This ensure that student are ready for fast track courses.

In case Newtum teams thinks that student is not ready for the fast track course, best options are suggested to the students.