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Blockchain today is among the most undeniably ingenious invention in the contemporary world.
Interestingly, it has been the brainchild of an Indian called Satoshi Nakamoto, but it has gone beyond that single individual ruling the entire world with the power of digital money it has.
All thanks to the blockchain technology, that remains the backbone of this unique kind of internet.

Easy For Professionals

It was originally created for the digital money called Bitcoin, the technology circles are not finding other key application for this technology.
Thus more and more people and IT professionals are keen to enter into this domain making Blockchain Programming popular in the current market.
Many working professionals in IT domains have switched to blockchain technology taking up blockchain as their career. Newtum is a leading name in offering a wide range of courses including for blockchain as well.

About BlockChain Programming Course

Needless to say that you start this course with what is blockchain technology even if you have some basic idea about and then it progresses covering the key aspects of this technology.

The course unleashes the insight of the blockchain technology, which further offers you a good hands-on experience in getting an edge of this technology allow you to become industry-ready.

Being the part of the Blockchain technology course , you will get the chance to explore both the basics and the advanced aspects of this technology along with areas like distributed ledger, types of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and Ethereum, Hyperledger, AWS Blockchain and different types of applications of Blockchain using real-world projects and case studies.

You can get Newtum’s blockchain developer course to become a competitive professional in Blockchain technology.

Newtum is an online learning academy, which offers you a complete learning opportunity for mastering blockchain programming, architecture, structure, and applications. Besides, it also benefits the students studying and exploring the working behind the blockchain network with the help of real-world applications.

You can enjoy the benefit of being a part of our courses as per your flexibility and learn what is blockchain technology through your effective text and video tutorials prepared by our competent staff who have ample of experience and exposure in Blockchain industry.

What will you learn in this Blockchain developer course in Newtum?

What is Blockchain Technology (Introduction)

Significance of Blockchain Technology for trusted transactions

Conducting different transactions using Bitcoin and Ethereum

Building up smart contracts with the help of Blockchain

Programming with Blockchain language Solidity

Blockchain data structures and identifiers

Addition of blocks to the Blockchain network

Why Join Newtum Blockchain Technology course?

There can be many reasons for you to join NewTum Online Learning academy and some of the key reasons are as under:

Industry Standard

Most of our training modules are based on live industry projects and as per the current industry standards


The Training on a daily and weekly basis giving you enough flexibility

Certified Professionals

Training modules and contents are designed by certified professionals

E - Books

We offer you study material in E-Books and Online Video formats.

Virtual Classrooms

Our virtual classrooms and modules use the modern means to allow students to grasp the concepts easily


  • What is Blockchain
  • Applications of Blockchain
  • Future of Blockchain
  • Important Terms of Blockchain
  • Different Component of Blockchain
  • Quiz on Blockchain Basics
  • What is Token and ICO
  • What is DApp
  • Permission and Permission Less Blockchain
  • Blockchain Quiz - A bit more than Basics
  • What is Currency
  • Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin
  • Learn More About Wallets
  • Buy, Sale, Store, Secure Cryptocurrency
  • What is Explorer. Public interface of Blockchain
  • Start Mining Cryptocurrency
  • Different Components of Cryptocurrency
  • Understading Ethereum and DApps
  • Understading Smart Contract and ERC20 Token
  • Deploy your first smart contract
  • Coding and Deploying Smart Contract in Ethereum
  • Accessing Ethereum API and Web Integration
  • Develop Your Own Cryptocurrency
  • Setup Your Own Mining Pool
  • Setup Your Coin Explorer
  • Understanding Your Coin API
  • Develop your Crypto Desktop Wallet
  • Develop your Crypto Mobile Wallet using API
  • Understanding Stellar
  • Creating and Deploying Stellar Smart Contract in Stellar
  • Integrating Stellar with Your Web Application
  • Now we have stellar - Take a Small test
  • Understading Hyperledger
  • Component of Hyperledger
  • Setting up Environment
  • Composer Playground
  • Hyperledger Composer
  • Single and Multiple Organization Setup in Hyperledger
  • Understanding Hyperledger Composer
  • Different Blockchain Platforms
  • Common thing among blockchain platforms
  • How to choose a Blockchain Platform
  • Understand more about blockchain platforms
  • Test what you have understood about Blockchain Platform
  • What is BlockchaidBD
  • Different Components of BlockchainDB
  • First Application using Blockchain DB
  • Quick test on Blockchain DB
  • Getting Started with BlockchainDB
  • What is Corda
  • First Application using Corda
  • Different Components of Corda
  • Quick exam to test your knowledge of Corda
  • Blockchain can review Agriculture and give the right price
  • Real States Problem and its solution using Blockchain Hyperledger
  • Blockchain can eliminate corruption
  • How Blockchain will solve supply chain problem
  • Blockchain can remove issue of duplicate products
  • Learn How blockchain can make a country green
  • Test functional knowledge on Blockchain
  • Learn How to Deploy Blockchain Application on AWS
  • Learn How to User Ready Blockchain Infrastructure on Google Cloud
  • Deploy ready to go application quickly on Azure
  • Live Project Planning
  • Project Execution with Hyperledger
  • Live Case Study
  • Blockchain interview questions and best answers
  • Blockchain Certification
  • Blockchain Certificate Handover
  • Blockchain Quiz
  • Blockchain Exam