Help the Needy

While there are plenty of high-potential students around you, many lack the one thing that matters most - opportunity. Many kids struggle to access basic technical and vocational training, a gap which Newtum effortlessly fills. If you think you have what it takes to help fulfil our mission of educating as many young minds as possible, please reach out using the form below today.

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We’re not asking for Money

We’re looking for talent so we can shape a future worth fighting for!

We don’t give money either

We’re a small firm committed to offering great services and helping you grow. We believe our courses can change lives, and while we can’t give money, we can arrange free courses.

Course Management

We understand that today’s economic condition means not every student has access to a computer or the internet. That’s why we try our best to connect students to their nearest computer institute and ensure an optimal learning environment..

One minute is all you need to give

Go ahead and fill out the above form today. You’ll make at least one child very happy for the life-changing support.