Newtum is a online training academy offering wide range high end Technical courses. Course are selected considering the latest demands and future of IT sector. But we also have traditional courses to help our students to get up to the required level of understanding.

Taking a course at Newtum, involves few steps. This steps ensures that you have taken the right course as per your interest and current level of Programming understanding.

So how it works at Newtum

These Are the Few Steps to Taking Your Favorite Course

1. Register and Login :


Like any other system, Newtum also requires registration and Login details. Main aim here to get the basic details about user profile and asset the students for the best possible courses.

Interestingly, it has been the brainchild of an Indian called Registration details help Newtum to put out best offers to Students you are willing to study at high end technical courses.

2. Take Assessment :


Newtum offers two types of courses one is Regular Batches and one batch for children. The courses offered by Newtum like BlockChain and AI requires some prerequisite knowledge. Many a times users attempt to buy the course for which he don’t have the required knowledge.

At Newtum we want to ensures that you investment on education gives you best return. To ensure this we take assessment especially if you want to join the children batch. In assessment we take general skills and knowledge of the computer system. We also ensure that you have the knowledge required by High end courses like AI.

After assessment we suggest you the courses which will help you to achieve your goal. If you lack some prerequisite knowledge we suggest you the alternative courses which will help you to taken on your aim and interest effectively.

If you are working professional in the field of computer you can skip the assessment but still we will suggest you to check that you have all the knowledge required for the interested course.

3. Finalize the course :


This is pretty simple, after assessment we tell you what course you can take and which are the best course for you. If you are a working professional or a graduate with earlier knowledge of system and programming you can choose a course yourself.

Finalize the course means that you have selected the course and have paid the required course fee. For children course fee we have a monthly payment option. Teaching children involves lot of efforts on execution and much more of examples are required. Though course content is same for children and professional, course for children take much more time.

4. Receive Batch Allocation :


Once the course is purchased, next important thing is to select the batch. In case of batch allotment executive of Newtum team call the candidates and get the possible timing best suited for him.

If we have the batches starting in the near future then we allot the batches immediately but if the student wants some specific timing he may have to wait for some time.

During this time we try to find the students who wants the same timing and then we start the new batch. It may get take 3-10 Working Days for a batch to be allocated depending upon the time preference of the student.

5. Install Webinar Tools :


Newtum has a unique 3-way training approach. So student needs a good internet connection for watching the video.

Apart from this student needs to install webinar tools into his system. Don’t worry we will help you with that.

Webinar tools help our trainers to interact with the students and also helps to answer their queries.

With screen sharing option in this tools trainers help to solve the technical challenges student is facing like bug in code or installation error and many things like this.

6. Get Started :


Here you are good to go.

Remember it’s not a video tutorial where you can learn at the comfort of your time. It’s a discipline 3-way learning platform where you attend training with your buddies.

So select your course now.