How to create a Cryptocurrency

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What you will Learn

Developing and launching your coin code requires many different components.It’s not just about coding but about developing all the different components.

Expert team of Newtum has vast experience in coin development. Base on this experience they have identify must have thing for coin development. And everything is including in this course.

Below are the key things you will learn in this course.

Key things you will learn in the Course of How to Create Cryptocurrency

  1. Plan Your Coin
  2. Coding and Code Changes for Your Coin
  3. Compile and Build Your Coin
  4. Create and Use your own cryptocurrency
  5. Setup Your Crypto Explorer
  6. Launch Your Mining Pool
  7. Setup Your Desktop Wallet
  8. Understand Coin API

Why This Cryptocurrency Course is So Different

When you venture out in Google to look for the course on cryptocurrency, you will see a lot of results who are teaching you, “How to Create Token”. And believe me token is completedly different from coins like Bitcoin and Litecoin.

Here you will learn how to create your own cryptocurrency. You can develop you our mining pool and explorer. And your own wallet don’t have to depend on the wallet of Ethereum or Stellar.

Token Cryptocurrency

  1. Token requires money to do the transaction in the form of Ethereum or Stellar
  2. The token is depending on the external network of Ethereum and Stellar
  3. The major problem is – rise in the price of ethereum or stellar can impose heavy transactions gas for you token
  4. You can’t involve the community on the concept run by Token.

Actual Cryptocurrency

  1. If your concept is based on actual cryptocurrency who will not have to pay for buy-in Ethereum or stellar
  2. You coin will be depending on your own network

  3. Transaction fee will be low since it will be based on your own coin

  4. The community can involve even at a technical level

Who can take this course

Any individual, student, or business owner can take this course. But after studying the market and different professionals, we came up with the list.

Below professional will have a maximum advantage if they take this course of “How To Create Cryptocurrency”

  1. Software Professional
  2. MLM Business Owner
  3. Student looking for a job in Blockchain
  4. Individual/Business with processing power who wants to start their own mining pool
  5. A startup who want to launch their service like Blockchain Info
  6. Business people working in a hotel chain, to reward customers using blockchain
  7. Business people in cab aggregators or travel agencies who can rewards with universal acceptable their own cryptocurrency.

Watch Sample – Create Your Own Mine – able Cryptocurrency

Watch 3 Episode of actual course 100% Free

Please don’t go blind. Before you purchase this course please watch this two video.

It’s best to view the sample video. We are proud to say we are among the few course creator who provides the free link to our actual course content

How to Remove Duplicate Products with Blockchain Technology

What is Blockchain : Explained in Layman Language

Hash in blockchain - What the hash? - How bitcoin and blockchains use hash functions

Technical Knowledge required to create Your Cryptocurrency

Answer is very simple you don’t require any technical knowledge. You don’t need to know programming languages or SDK or anything.

We have explained each step and each coding modification , code creation in very simple way. Just follow the instructions and your coin will be ready.

In case you are stuck, don’t worry our online support team will help with our live chat and screen sharing support.

But we assume that you know how to purchase the server required for building and hosting your coin nodes. You may have to purchase servers from AWS or Google Cloud or Go Daddy or Netmagic.

In the course, we have mentioned the exact server requirement don’t worry about that.

Course Content

  • What is Blockchain?
  • Coin Creation
  • Planning your coin
  • Must things for your Coin Calculations
  • Getting Source
  • Source Code Modifications
  • Test Net and Regression Net
  • Generating Genesis Block
  • Changing Important Parameters
  • Commenting Out
  • Renaming, Replacing
  • Compile and Build your coin
  • Setting up Environment
  • Installing BerkeleyDB
  • Running and Generating First Block
  • Setting up another server
  • Syncing the Server
  • Understanding Commands
  • Install Nodes Js and Mongo DB
  • Run Explorer
  • Running Mining Pool in Background
  • Setup Mining Pool
  • Cryptocurrency Solo Mining
  • Setup Mining Client
  • Cryptocurrency Pool Mining
  • Run and Use Desktop Wallet
  • Create Desktop wallet
  • Introduction to Coin API

What Material and Resource will be provided

Apart from Video instructions, coin development requires a set of base code and a large set of commands to build the coin and components.

Newtum course of Creating coin comes with all the material. It includes form/link to generate genesis block and download source code.

It also includes articles listing instructions to buy servers from the different service providers and to use the WinSCP tool to connect to the servers.

Best part is you will not have to write any commands , we will give all the pages which will contain the commands to install and build your coin

Why Take Course on Creating Own Mine-able Cryptocurrency

Reason 1 – Understanding Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Blockchain is a revolution just like the internet. In the very near future, Blockchain will change the way we use the internet and access the information. But what’s the first application of Blockchain, it’s nothing but Bitcoin our first Cryptocurrency.

Creating own cryptocurrency will help you to understand the basics of blockchain and also the important components of Blockchain applications.

Reason 2 – Create your own Cryptocurrency

Well is our primary purpose of launching this course. Many big companies like Facebook preparing for their own cryptocurrency. Many countries are developing their cryptocurrency to reduce printing costs.

In short, if you have already an existing business like a Hotel chain, Travel Industry you can expand the business globally using cryptocurrency. If you have a great business idea you can fund that using cryptocurrency as digital assets instead of bonds and shares.

Reason 3 – Software Career and Freelancing

Due to Pandemic like Covid-19(Corona Virus) and Tension between countries fiat currency is a problem. Fiat Currency is flutucating like never before.

As a result of this pandemic and global tension, many organizations are moving towards Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. Well, this organization will be looking for freelancers and software engineers who can create a cryptocurrency.