C Programming For Kids

45+ Live Sessions + Video Sessions for Future Reference

Why your Kids should Learn C Programming


C Programming for kids is the must-learn the language. It is like A, B, C,D of Programming. Concepts like Variables, Operators, If and else conditions, Loops are best to explain in C Programming


These concepts are the foundation of any programming language like Java, Python C++, .Net.If this concept is mastered any kid can set the right path to become the full stack developer in the future.


Syntax of C Programming is quite similar to that of C++, Java, and many higher-level languages. Learning C Programming makes the higher-level language easy for kids.


C Programming is one of the few programming languages which support many low-level computers. Like Washing Machine, Fridge. Hardware interface etc. It’s one of the most portable languages. Learning C Programming will give an in-depth understanding of the functioning of computers.

Whats are the Options with Newtum

We are Newtum provide you to teach C Programming in two ways

Well, the words are self-explanatory. But please read carefully. Why and who should choose which method of Teaching for Kids

Video Tutorial

Very Easy and Fun Way

If you are already working in IT companies or have some knowledge of computers then Video Tutorial of C Programming is best for you. Video Tutorial of C Programming will provide you the reference and helpful material in a very easy and fun way

Watch the Videos

You just spend some time with your kid and watch the videos with him. Help him with little setup and queries. If not you can always ask our support team we will be happy to help. But if you don't have computer knowledge Live Training is best for you.

Live Training

One on One Training

So if you don't know anything about programming but still want to teach your kids programming, then leave every on us. Our expert teacher will teach your kids programming on One on One Training. Training will cover the basic explanation and then practical.

Detailed Explanation

C Programming will cover all the topics mention in the course section. Click here to view the course curriculum of C Programming for kids C Programming live sessions will contain a detailed explanation of the topic followed by exercise.

What you want your child to become

  • A Developer,
  • Engineer In A Company,
  • An Employee,
  • The Founder Of The Company
  • Early understanding of programming and computers will help to get them started early.
  • They can understand the real-life problems and can come to a solution if and if only if they know how programming and computers work.
  • And believe it or not, they could the founders or next unicorn company, just thanks to computer education at an early age

Why Newtum for C Language For Kids

Considering the importance of C Programming, the Newtum team has designed this video/live course for children called ”C Programming for kids” and gives them an introduction to the programming world and explains to them the very basics of programming in a fun and easy way.

They are many courses that are claiming to make your kid an App Developer at an early age. Or to get a Job at a very early age. At Newtum we don’t plan anything like this nor make a claim of app developer or job giver.

Aim of Newtum is to prepare the future generation for the computer world and create a super-strong foundation. Ensure that every kid enrolling in Newtum Solution Private Limited learns the basic and advanced concept of Programming.

The Newtum team firmly believes that if the coding concept of kids is strong, they can absorb any technology or language with ease.

What your kid will learn from C Programming for kids?

We are Newtum provide you to teach C Programming in two ways

In Short your kid will learning the A,B,C,D of programming. Once this course is done you kid can go for any programming courses like Python , Java , AI or Gaming.

C Language for kids creates the understanding of basic of programming that is must to learn and develop any software products or game.

Start and End of C Programming at Newtum

C Programming for Kids start with the super easy example of Hello World, and we slowly steadily moves towards the complex data types and file handling in Programming.

See the Difference between where your kid will start and how expert he will become at the end of the Course.

Parents feel so happy about this, and that makes us proud.

when your kid's start learning - "Hello World Program"

//write a program to print hello world.

printf("Hello World");

After Few Sessions - "Program to Print Multiplication table."

// write a program print multiplication table using for loop.

int input, i,result;
printf("Enter an number: ");
for(i=1; i<=10; ++i)
result = input * i;
printf("%d * %d = %d \n", input, i, result);

At the End of Sessions - "Program to read and write the File."

// write a program to Open Read, Write and close the File.

int main()
char ch;

/* Pointer for both the file*/
FILE *fr, *fw;
/* Opening file test.C in “r” mode for reading */
fr = fopen("F:\\test.txt", "r");
/* Ensure test.C opened successfully*/
if (fr == NULL)
puts("Input file can not be opened");

/* Opening file test1.C in “w” mode for writing*/
fw= fopen("F:\\test1.txt", "w");

/* Ensure test1.C opened successfully*/
if (fw == NULL)
puts("Output file can not be opened");

/*Read & Write Logic*/
ch = fgetc(fr);
if (ch==EOF)
fputc(ch, fw);

/* Closing both the files */

return 0;

Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry are not Just Good Enough in 2030?


  • Yes, your child can become the next founder of Company Like Ola, PayTM, Amazon, Facebook or Twitter. Just spend 10 minutes daily with him.
  • Buy the course and watch 10 minutes daily with him and help him get started rest we got covered with our awesome self-explanatory video content.
  • And do quiz him every now and thew with our quizzers, to understand how much he learned about C Programming .


  • You need to start to teach computer and programming the way you teach them A, B, C, D. It's the need of the time.
  • This Course of C Programming for Kids will help you to start.
  • Have a quick look at the trailer of our course

Benefits of Our C Programming Course for Children

  • Improves Logical and Reasoning Skills of Children by 50% to 79%
  • Help them understand very basic of Programming
  • Prepare them for future and many advance courses
  • Courses designed using latest VFX tools to give detail and a basic understanding of Programming
  • Access at any time. Access anywhere.
  • Support - Free Support ask any queries during office hours. We are available.

Certificaiton to Kids for C Programming

► Knowledge is good, but the world always needs a program, and we understand that.

► After the course is over our experience trainers execute a small project with a student. Trainers guide the student to complete the small project.

► Once the project is complete, we issue the C Programming certificate to kids. Executing the project is very important since it gives ample proof of knowledge.

► As a result, the issue of the certificates by Newtum Online Training Academy stands out and are widely accepted.

► Parents feel so happy about this, and that makes us proud.

Tool Used To Teach C Programming To Kids


Requires an Editor

Learning C Programming requires an editor to write the code and a compiler to run and compile the code.


Traditional IDE

Most of the institute uses traditional Turbo C or Turbo C++ Compiler. But its too outdated. And now it doesn’t work in latest operating systems like Windows 10 or Window8.


latest Editor

So while learning C Programming, the right set of tools is required. Newtum uses latest C Compiler and editor to teach C Programming to kids.


Supports latest OS

We use the CodeBlock editor to write and compile the C Programs. The code block is compatible with the latest Windows version. And also it runs on Linux and Mac operating systems.


24/7 Support

Teachers at Newtum solution are also well versed with the online compiler in case student faces any issues with installation.


Full Features

The online compiler can be used without any installation and is updated regularly to meet the latest requirements of the programming world.


Required Tools

To summarize the following tools are required to teach C Programming to kids.



CodeBlocks to run and compile the Code


Full Features

Chrome/Firefox/Internet Explorer in case online compiler is required

Brief History and Introduction to C Programming


Well, C Programming is being thought in every computer and engineering stream. Almost everyone knows that C Programming is the must-learn a language if you want to become a software engineer.

Talking about its history, C Programming is invented in 1978, By Brian Kernighan and Dennis Ritchie for UNIX operating system. C Programming is the general-purpose portable procedural computer programming language.

From 1978, the C is regularly updated to meet the demands and was extensively used in Main Frame Computers and device programming.

C Programming is one of the few programming languages which supports pointers. Along with pointers, major datatypes of C Programming includes Arrays, Structure, Enum, etc. C also supports file operations and graphics .

How to Use this Course for the Benefit of your child

► Off course the first step will be to subscribe to the course. Hey if you are in the US or UK, you can watch this for free at Amazon Prime here is the link

UK : Click Here and USA : Click Here

► Pick an episode daily. If you are finding it difficult divide an episode for two days.

► Watch the plan video with your kid and help him to practice C Programming Just 10 Minutes a day that's all.

► If you are done with this come back to us for more videos we will give some free.

► If you find any queries that you are unable to answer then please refer to our support we will be happy to help you. .

Why Programming for Kids is so Important

Well, assume your College going students are interested in Investment Banking or Finance or maybe he is preparing for Chartered Accountant. Many will say no programming is required.

We agree with you, but even now does every finance professional is doing some or other software to do his work. They might be using excel sheet, tally or sap or maybe his own customized software

But What if he knows How to Program

If the child understands programming, he may think of better software that best to their work. A piece of great functional knowledge with some programming language can give a lot of advantages.

Your child will know what is the problem in the current software system and what could be the step to resolve them. Believe me, it’s gonna be straight forward promotion even for you.

C Programming is So Important for Kids

Where is this C Language Programming Course Available

This C programming online course for kids is available in any country but the important thing is they should understand English. The accent used in the teaching C programming video is simple, clear and plain English which can be understood by anyone

To be specific English speaking countries like the United States (USA), United Kingdom (UK), Canada, Newzealand, and Australia will not have any problem understanding session of C Programming. But it could be difficult for countries having a different languages like Japan, Germany.

If your kid doesn't understand English and if subtitles are OK for him then please Contact Us over, we will be happy to help by creating requisite subtitles.

Most of our teachers have an English Indian accent with detail knowledge of programming languages.

A standard English accent ensures that our student enjoys and understand the C Programming for kids in a fun and easy way.

For regional languages especially for India like you want more simple language like Marathi, Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati then we will suggest that you subscribe to Our Live Training Course Over Here.

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