C Programming For Kids

45+ Live Sessions + Video Sessions for Future Reference

Welcome to Newtum’s Special C Programming for Kids – an exciting and fun journey into the world of coding designed especially for your young ones! C programming is like giving instructions to computers in their own language. Sure, let's break down the basic definition of the C programming language in a way that's understandable for kids:

What is C Programming Language in Simple Words?

C Programming language is like a code that helps computers understand what we want them to do. Just like we use words and sentences to communicate with each other, we use C language to talk to computers.

Basic C Definition:

C is a special language that humans use to give instructions to computers. It's like telling a computer what steps to take to perform a specific task, such as drawing a picture, playing a game, or solving a problem.


Imagine you have a robot friend, and you want to teach it to say "Hello!" when you press a button. In C language, you would write something like:

int main() {
return 0;

Isn’t it? This is language, the computer understands. Want to Learn more to teach your robot friend a cool trick using C language?

Why should kids learn C programming language?

You might be wondering, "Why should my child learn programming?" Well, just like learning to read or do math, coding helps kids think logically and solve problems. As parents if we understand the importance and future of C language and the answer to the above question.

Importance of Learning Programming at a Young Age:


Logical Thinking:

Learning programming, like C, is like training the brain to think logically. Just as kids learn to follow steps in math problems, coding teaches them to break down big problems into smaller, manageable steps. It's like solving puzzles!


Problem-Solving Skills:

Programming is all about problem-solving. When kids code, they learn how to identify problems and come up with creative solutions. It's like being a detective, figuring out how to make things work the way they want.


Understanding Computers:

Think of computers as magical boxes. Learning programming is like discovering the spells to make the magic happen! Kids understand how computers think and learn to speak their language.


Expressing Creativity:

Just as artists use paint and musicians use instruments, programmers use code to create things. Learning to code is like having a new set of tools to express creativity. Kids can build games, animations, and even their own interactive stories.


Future Opportunities:

Imagine coding as a superpower. As technology becomes more important, people who know how to code are in high demand. Learning programming at a young age sets your child on a path for amazing opportunities in the future. They could become app developers, and game designers, or even work on cool projects that haven't been invented yet!

Future Scope of Learning C Programming


Foundation for Other Languages:

C is like the superhero origin story of programming languages. Learning it provides a strong foundation. Once kids master C, they can easily pick up other languages like C++, Java, or Python.


Embedded Systems and IoT:

C is widely used in creating software for small electronic devices and the Internet of Things (IoT). As our world becomes more connected, understanding C gives your child the ability to make devices smarter and more efficient.


Game Development:

Many video games and simulations are built using C. If your child dreams of creating the next big game, learning C is a fantastic step in that direction.


Operating Systems:

C is the language behind many operating systems, like Windows and Linux. Learning C could lead your child to become an expert in developing and improving these systems.


Career Opportunities:

As your child grows and explores their career path, knowing C programming opens doors to various exciting professions, from software engineering to cybersecurity.
Encouraging your child to learn C programming not only equips them with valuable skills but also sparks a curiosity that can lead to a world of endless possibilities in the future!

Explore the Learning Options with Newtum!

At Newtum, we offer two engaging methods to teach C Programming, tailored to cater to different needs and preferences:

Well, the words are self-explanatory. But please read carefully. Why and who should choose which method of Teaching for Kids

Video Tutorial: A Fun and Easy Way

Who should choose this?

Individuals already working in IT or with basic computer knowledge.

Parents who want to engage with their kids in a fun and relaxed learning environment.

Why Video Tutorial?

Easy and Fun: Our video tutorials make learning C Programming a breeze, providing a reference in an enjoyable and accessible format.

Convenient: Watch the videos at your own pace, spending quality time with your child while exploring the exciting world of programming.

Supportive: Need help? Our support team is just a message away, ready to assist you with any setup or queries.

How to get started?

Simply enroll, spend some time with your child watching the videos, and dive into the world of C Programming together.

Live Training: One-on-One Guidance

Who should choose this?

Parents with no prior programming knowledge but a strong desire to teach their kids coding.

Those seeking detailed explanations and hands-on exercises.

Why Live Training?

One-on-One Support: Our expert teachers provide personalized attention, ensuring your child grasps programming concepts thoroughly.

Detailed Explanation: Live sessions cover the entire C Programming curriculum, offering a comprehensive understanding of each topic.

Interactive Learning: Engage in practical exercises after each session, solidifying the knowledge gained.

How it works?

Leave everything to us! Our expert teacher will guide your child through the basics and practical aspects of C Programming.

Explore the Curriculum

Dive deep into the course curriculum for C Programming, covering all essential topics for kids.

What you want your child to become

  • A Developer,
  • Engineer In A Company,
  • An Innovator and Entrepreneur,
  • A Tech-Savvy Problem Solver,
  • A Leader in Technology
  • The Founder of the Next Unicorn Company
  • And believe it or not, they could the founders or next unicorn company, just thanks to computer education at an early age

Encouraging your child to explore programming not only prepares them for a variety of career paths.

Why Newtum for Kids' Language Learning?

  1. Design for Kids: Newtum ensures language learning is not just educational but also fun and engaging for kids. Our lessons are specifically designed with your child in mind, making the learning experience enjoyable and effective.
  2. Hands-On and Interactive: We believe in learning by doing! Newtum provides interactive lessons for C programming, keeping your child actively involved and excited about their linguistic and coding journey.
  3. Expert Instructors for Course: Our experienced instructors are not only skilled in making language learning enjoyable but are also experts in guiding kids through the basics of C programming. They create a supportive environment, helping your child feel confident and motivated in both subjects.
  4. Safe Online Environment: Newtum ensures a secure online space for your child's exploration in C programming. You can trust us to provide a safe and monitored learning environment as they embark on their educational adventures.
  5. Flexibility in Learning: We understand the importance of flexibility in your child's learning journey. Newtum offers various learning methods, allowing you to choose the approach that best suits your child's needs and preferences for C programming.
  6. Engaging Curricula for Lifelong Learning: Our curricula are designed to captivate young minds. With Newtum, your child will not only learn new language skills and programming basics but also develop a lifelong love for linguistic exploration and coding creativity.

What your kid will learn from C Programming for kids?

We are Newtum provide you to teach C Programming in two ways

Start and End of C Programming at Newtum

C Programming for Kids start with the super easy example of Hello World, and we slowly steadily moves towards the complex data types and file handling in Programming.

See the Difference between where your kid will start and how expert he will become at the end of the Course.

Parents feel so happy about this, and that makes us proud.

when your kid's start learning - "Hello World Program"

//write a program to print hello world.

printf("Hello World");

After Few Sessions - "Program to Print Multiplication table."

// write a program print multiplication table using for loop.

int input, i,result;
printf("Enter an number: ");
for(i=1; i<=10; ++i)
result = input * i;
printf("%d * %d = %d \n", input, i, result);

At the End of Sessions - "Program to read and write the File."

// write a program to Open Read, Write and close the File.

int main()
char ch;

/* Pointer for both the file*/
FILE *fr, *fw;
/* Opening file test.C in “r” mode for reading */
fr = fopen("F:\\test.txt", "r");
/* Ensure test.C opened successfully*/
if (fr == NULL)
puts("Input file can not be opened");

/* Opening file test1.C in “w” mode for writing*/
fw= fopen("F:\\test1.txt", "w");

/* Ensure test1.C opened successfully*/
if (fw == NULL)
puts("Output file can not be opened");

/*Read & Write Logic*/
ch = fgetc(fr);
if (ch==EOF)
fputc(ch, fw);

/* Closing both the files */

return 0;

Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry are not Just Good Enough in 2030?


  • Yes, your child can become the next founder of Company Like Ola, PayTM, Amazon, Facebook or Twitter. Just spend 10 minutes daily with him.
  • Buy the course and watch 10 minutes daily with him and help him get started rest we got covered with our awesome self-explanatory video content.
  • And do quiz him every now and thew with our quizzers, to understand how much he learned about C Programming .


  • You need to start to teach computer and programming the way you teach them A, B, C, D. It's the need of the time.
  • This Course of C Programming for Kids will help you to start.
  • Have a quick look at the trailer of our course

Benefits of Our C Programming Course for Children

  • Improves Logical and Reasoning Skills of Children by 50% to 79%
  • Help them understand very basic of Programming
  • Prepare them for future and many advance courses
  • Courses designed using latest VFX tools to give detail and a basic understanding of Programming
  • Access at any time. Access anywhere.
  • Support - Free Support ask any queries during office hours. We are available.

Certificaiton to Kids for C Programming

► Practical Application Matters: Knowledge is good, but we believe in turning that knowledge into action.

► Guided Project Execution: Our experienced trainers lead students through a small project, ensuring practical application of concepts learned during the course.

► Proof of Proficiency: Completing the project is crucial; it serves as tangible proof of the child's understanding.

► Widely Accepted Certification: Upon successful project completion, Newtum Online Training Academy issues C Programming certificates for kids. Our certificates are highly regarded and widely accepted.

► Parental Pride: Parents are delighted with the tangible results, and this sense of accomplishment makes us proud as educators.

Tools/Resources Used to Teach C Programming to Kids:


Newtum's Online Compiler

Our very own C programming compiler online is a star feature! Kids can write and run their code in an environment designed just for them.


Latest CodeBlock Editor

Forget the old Turbo C! We use the latest CodeBlock editor, which works seamlessly on the newest Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems. It's like having a trendy, new backpack for your coding adventures.


Compatibility Galore

CodeBlocks supports the latest Windows versions and even plays nice with Linux and Mac. Learning C Programming becomes a breeze, no matter which tech-savvy device your kid prefers.


24/7 Support Magic

Our instructors are the tech wizards behind the curtain, ready to troubleshoot any issues. No worries if your young coder hits a roadblock - we've got their back!


No Installation Headache

The online compiler is a superhero that doesn't need installation. It's always up to date, making sure your child has access to the latest and greatest tools for their coding journey.


Required Tools Checklist

All your child needs for the coding adventure is CodeBlocks to write and compile the code and a browser like Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer for the online compiler.

Teaching C Programming at Newtum is not just about coding; it's about creating a tech playground where your child can explore, learn, and enjoy the world of programming without any hassles. Let the coding adventu res begin!

Unlock the Adventure of C Programming for Kids!

History and recap of C programming Language


C Programming is like the superhero of coding, born in 1978 by brainiacs Brian Kernighan and Dennis Ritchie for UNIX. It's the go-to language for anyone dreaming of being a software whiz.

Why is it cool? Well, it's been updated since the disco era to stay awesome in today's tech world. Think of it as the language computers love to hear.

Now, the nifty stuff – C is your coding toolkit. It has handy tools like pointers and cool data types (Arrays, Structure, Enum). Plus, it knows its way around files and graphics – the all-in-one hero of coding!

So, if your kid is curious about making computer wonders, C Programming is where the adventure begins. It's not just coding; it's the first step into the tech universe!

The Roadmap to Success: How to Optimize Your Child's Learning Experience

► Step 1- Subscribe to the Course:
The first step is just to subscribe to the course. If you're in the US or UK, lucky you! You can even watch it for free on Amazon Prime.

UK : Click Here
USA : Click Here

► Step 2- Daily Watching Routine: Take it one episode at a time. If daily seems too much, no worries – split an episode over two days. or you can schedule on the weekend

► Step 3- 10-Minute Daily Practice: Watch the planned video with your kid and spend just 10 minutes practicing C Programming together. It's that simple!

► Step 4 - More Free Goodies: Finish the basics? Awesome! Come back to us for more free videos to keep learning.

► Step 5: Ask for Help When Needed: Got questions you can't crack? No stress. Reach out to our support team, and we'll be thrilled to guide you.

Let's make coding fun and easy for your child – one episode at a time!

Why Programming for Kids is so Important

Well, assume your College going students are interested in Investment Banking or Finance or maybe he is preparing for Chartered Accountant. Many will say no programming is required.

We agree with you, but even now does every finance professional is doing some or other software to do his work. They might be using excel sheet, tally or sap or maybe his own customized software

But What if he knows How to Program

If the child understands programming, he may think of better software that best to their work. A piece of great functional knowledge with some programming language can give a lot of advantages.

Your child will know what is the problem in the current software system and what could be the step to resolve them. Believe me, it’s gonna be straight forward promotion even for you.

Practical Applications for Kids: Unlock Creativity with C Programming

Explore the fun side of coding with C Programming! Here's how your child can use their new skills in real-life adventures:

These projects not only make coding super fun but also give your child a sense of achievement. The world of creativity and innovation is waiting—let's code some fun!

How to enroll your kids for C Programming Course?

Our captivating C programming online course for kids transcends borders, making it accessible globally. The only requirement is a basic understanding of English, as our instructional videos use a simple, clear, and plain English accent, ensuring accessibility for learners worldwide.

Specifically crafted for English-speaking countries like the United States (USA), United Kingdom (UK), Canada, New Zealand, and Australia, our C Programming sessions are designed for seamless comprehension. For countries where English is not the primary language, worry not! If your child is comfortable with subtitles, we're more than happy to assist. Reach out to us, and we'll create subtitles tailored for your child's understanding.

Our teaching team, predominantly composed of instructors with an English Indian accentthen please Contact Us over, brings a wealth of knowledge in programming languages. This standard English accent guarantees that students worldwide can delightfully and straightforwardly enjoy and understand C Programming for kids.

For those seeking learning in regional languages, especially in India, such as Marathi, Hindi, Bengali, or Gujarati, we recommend exploring our Live Training Course for a more personalized and familiar learning experience that you subscribe to Our Live Training Course Over Here.

No matter where your child is, we're dedicated to making the coding journey accessible, and enjoyable!


Introduction to C
Constant and Variables
Else If
More about if and else
If and Else Statement
Complex Loop
For Loop
While Loop
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