C++ Programming for Kids

Core to the Concept 1:1 Live

C++ for Kids – Core to the Concept 1:1 Live

Different schools, colleges are teaching programming to the students. Even the Government is making it compulsory to teach coding to Kids. But C++ for kids is much more important and necessary. Important concepts of the OOPs concept covered in C++ form the base of every high-level programming language.

When you think of C++ you need the answer to a few questions. What is C++? What are the things your kids will learn in C++ Programming? Why it’s very important. And the most important when should your kid C++ Programming.

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Why C++ for Kids is very Important?

► Programming is a very big subject, but this big subject is based on very small programming conepts.

► General basic concepts include variable, constants, if conditions, loops, and arrays. These concepts are very important. Every programmer will have to learn this.

► But even for creating a very small use-able application one concept is very important. That is Oops. Oops, help to write organized reusable code in an easy way.

This 3 reasons make C++ very important for Kids.

Understanding re-usability of Code

  • In programming like C i.e. structure programming logic, we teach kids to write simple programs. Simple programs like the addition of two numbers, multiplication table or even a calculator.
  • But with C++, your kid will understand how to write the code and use it again and again. This is very important.
  • In the world of open source and library this concept make life of programmer very easy.
  • Advance concept of Oops like Inheritance, Classes, Objects teaches kids how to write code one time and use it again and again.

Organizing Code for Big and lengthy Program

  • In school or computer institutes, programming training involves writing a very small program. But in real life programs are very big and lengthy.
  • To manage this big program, code has to well organized. Classes and objects concepts in C++ language helps kids to understand this.
  • Classes and objects study helps kids to understand how to groups similar functions and variables. And how to create different classes for every big objective.
  • These concepts also create an understating of easy debugging. Since code is highly bifurcated, debugging becomes an easy task.

Easy to write custom operators and naming

  • C++ creates an totally different understanding of operators and functions name.
  • For example, kids generally use +(plus) or -(minus) to add or subtract basic numbers. But C++ can teach them how to override these operators to add two matrix or two complex numbers.
  • This clearly helps kids with logical and reasoning skills. Helps them in understanding math and it’s usability in real life problems.

Tools to teach C++ programming for Kids

Most of the programming lanaguage requires following thing to get started

  1. Code Editor
  2. Compiler
  3. Debuger

Well, all these things are club into a single software called IDE(Integrated Development Environment ). IDE has evolved over time.

Now many advanced IDE is available like Code Plus, Netbeans, Eclipse, Visual Studio, etc. And don’t forget TurboC++ still used by many colleges.

But all this IDE are of no-use specially while teaching to kids.Becuase main purpose of teaching programming to kids is

“To Understand the concept and build logic”

And installing this IDE is difficult and many times senior developers struggle to install this IDE.And to be honest it’s too boring for kids.

So best option is to use online editor and IDE. Online IDE don’t require any installation.Online IDE are fast and easy to use for small programs.

Here is the link of Online IDE or C++ compiler

After few session and understanding of concept , user can move to other IDE likes Code-blocks or Net-beans. But please avoid TurboC++ it’s too old for latest operating systems like Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Must-Read – Important concepts while Teaching C++ to Kids

C++ is all about Oops. The major thing that differentiate between C Programming and C++ programming is Oops.

Hence it is generally said that , one must learn C before going for C++.

One more thing is that even now, many senior developer fail the interview of the Oops concept. Because many times it becomes difficult to relate Oops with real-life examples.

Video Courses vs Live Session for Kids

We have explained the importance of Live course over Video Course in our section of Python for Kids. And we are telling again, don’t make C++ Programming so boring for kids.

  • To be honest, many kids and even undergraduate students finds C++ Programming or any Oops training very very boring.
  • And if you go for Video course, boom, you kid will not even a watch a single episode.
  • The live course is the only option to teach C++ to kids. And believe me, no one can deny it.
  • While learning C++, kids will have so many doubts, no video epxlainer can anwer that.
  • And there is also a possibility that, few concepts needs to explain again and again. Every time with a different example and different method.

To handle this you will need an expert teacher, not an expert from IIT or Harvard. Hope you understand the difference.

If you want to check whether your kids will enjoy and learn the C++ Programming, I guest you to enroll for the free demo.

This link for C++ Programming free demo will help you.

Focus on Practicing Especially when teaching coding to Kids

Practice makes man Perfect. This is 100% applicable when its comes to coding to kids.

Problem is kids will have to remember this C++ programming lessons for a long time. And they may even have the gap in the important academic studies like 10th and 12th.

After 10th and 12th , programming and computers will become part of their day to day actives. So main thing is they should very well remember what they have been thought in 6th to 7th grade.

Only way to ensure that they remember programming concept is make them practice hard. Some may argue that ,it better to teach kids after 12th.

But important point to remember is at early age you kid will have more grasping power. He has much less things to worry about. If he learns programming at young age , he will be able to relate everything software he use. He will understand how the games are created when he is playing one.

So please start teaching C++ programming to kids and make sure he practice’s well.

Details Curriculum of C++ for Kids

The curriculum matters the most. And more important is the depth of each topic.

Teaching every concept is details is very important. But this is not true while teaching C++ Programming to kids.

The reason is simple. Some topics are too difficult to teach to kids. Take the example of English. We teach them very basic and don’t into details of every concept of Grammer. Same is true while teaching programming to kids.

There is a very thin line between what’s to be thought and what not. Below curriculum will the detail insight of syllabus of C++ for kids.

C++ for Kids – Core to the Concept 1:1 Live

What is oops
The basic control structure of C++
Nesting of function
Passing values from main()
Returning value to main()
Function overloading
Functions with default arguments
Passing objects as arguments
Returning object
Operator overloading
Type conversion
Friend function

Where is C++ Programming course available

  • C++ Programming for kids is available globally and in India. But we can teach in English or any Indian regional language like Gujrathi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, etc.
  • Our teachers are expert in understanding the ascent of kids from USA (United States of America) and UK (United Kingdom). So if you want to enroll this is the best change.
  • Due to COVID-19 teaching online is the new normal. As a result all the kids leaving in any part of the world can learn from expert Indian programmer.

Summary – Why C++ Programming is so Important for Kids

I assume you must have got a clear understanding of why teaching C++ programming for kids is important. And also what’s the best way to get started.

In 70,80 and ’90s important was giving education to children. Those who got educated are doing well in their life and have acquire good positions.

But in 21st century it is important to teaching programming. Doesn’t matter what is the aim of your kids , programming will definitely help him in the future.

Other Courses for Kids

  • C++ Programming is very important because of Oops concept it teaches to kids. But before your kid learns C++ programming it’s important to learn C Programming.
  • This link of C Programming for Kids will help you with the details of C Programming.
  • Python for Kids is also a very good option to teach programming to kids. Python Essentials for Kids and Complete Python for Kids will cover all the topics required to teach coding to kids. Remember that if you enroll for complete python for kids, no need to enroll for the essential python course.